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Every generation reaches a point where they look to the future.  This is when they question whether the youth of their time can carry on as well as those who came before them.  This is no different in the music world.  Will there ever be another band as iconic as The Beatles?  Will any artist ever have the charisma of Frank Sinatra?  Will women musicians ever be as influential as Stevie Nicks?  Some may look at today’s youth and answer no, but these people haven’t heard Charlie Dane.

At 13 years old, Dane is an established musician.  She wrote and recorded her debut album, Dreamland, on her own.  With over 100 shows in 8 months, Dane has begun the legwork that comes with a serious musical career.  Playing in front of a crowd is something she is experienced in.  Of course her dedication and age are only part of the story, her talent will speak for itself.

Her voice is developed well beyond her years.  It’s pure, charismatic, and soul lifting.  Dane is not afraid to belt notes and experiment with her vocals in a way that most seasoned musicians would be scared of.  She writes all her lyrics from inspirations in her own life.  Songs such as “Tuesday’s Just As Bad” are what you would expect from a 13 year old who has only experienced life in their little reality.  Of course, Dane doesn’t stop there.  She tackles the concept of death and loss in “Past the Point.”  Her ability to express serious and deep issues is evident.  As she grows she is bound to find experiences in her life that she can use to pour her heart and soul into the music.

Dreamland is very upbeat and delivers a true pop/rock sound.  It is very obvious that Dane is inspired by the artists of her time.  “Once in a While” is very reminiscent of Sarah Bareilles’s “Love Song” with a piano intro using pop-y chords.  As Dane grows and matures her sound will develop into a something that is uniquely hers but for now she’s in the company of some great artists.

Just check out a couple of the video’s of Dane’s performances on her website.  What you find will shock and amaze you.  This young artist really delivers with great stage presence.  Her audience seems captivated from the moment she begins singing, and for obvious reasons.  Her talent is undeniable, and with years ahead of her, this young bud will bloom into a beautiful flower.

Here’s an exclusive interview:

Hey Charlie!  How ya doin’?


Well, first off, I wanted to say congratulations on making our top twenty-five list for IMR Magazine’s “Women of Indie” feature. 

Thank you!

Tell us about what you are doing right now:

Well, for my album, it is called Dreamland.  It has a ton of great players and I’m basically trying to get it out there to anyone I can right now.  I want to let everyone hear.

Where can we get your album?

CharlieDane.net.  Just go to the store to like.  Also, it is available on iTunes and CD Baby.

Tell us the instruments you play:

Mainly guitar and piano.  I can also play a little ukelele, harmonic, and a little drums!

WOW!  You can do it all!  How long have you been playing these instruments?

Guitar for nine years and piano for less than that.

And how old are you? 


WOW!  Four years old and learning a guitar.  Amazing.  Do you come from a musical family?

No, not at all.  I have a brother and he is mainly interested in sports.

I’m sure your family appreciates having a musically-inclined person in the house.

Yes, they all enjoy music very much.

Do you remember the first song that you learned?

It was “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” by Green Day.  Who doesn’t love that song?

Great choice!  What age did you start singing?

I basically have been singing my whole life, but I have been taking vocal lessons for four years now.

Are you nervous when you sing on stage or does it come naturally to you?

I don’t really ever remember being nervous at all.  I enjoy playing in front of big crowds.

Tell us about the album. What are your songs about?

Haha…sometimes eavesdropping on people, I can get ideas from that.  One of the songs, I just wrote about hating Mondays.  One, I wrote when I was on a plane while I was looking out the window and the feeling of being in the cloud, so basically I write about anything around me.

How many songs have you written?

Ten that are recorded and I have probably five or six other ones that are not produced yet.

Do you think you will just record those five or six for an EP, or are you waiting to gather songs for a full album.

I’m not sure yet.  Most of those new songs are somewhat ideas and I’m not looking to record them yet.

Tell us about the best place you have performed at and why?

Nassau Coliseum!  I was able to sing at an Islander game and I sang “God Bless America.” Then I played with a four-piece band outside of the coliseum.  Then later, they invited me back to sing the “Star Spangled Banner.”   It was pretty cool.  I was on the ice and there were about six thousand people.  It was amazing.  And yes, that is probably the one show where I was a little nervous, but once I got going, I wasn’t nervous anymore.

Tell us about Oyster Bay, NY.  What is the music scene like there?  Do you see a lot of live music there?

It’s a very small town and there really isn’t a whole lot of music happening in Oyster Bay, but there is in town in Huntington.  Recently, I saw Jane’s Addiction and I was probably the only kid there seeing tons of people stage-diving.

Tell us the artists in the area.  Are there any artists you want to give a shout-out to?

I’m opening for Joe Brooks very soon and he is great!

Who are some of your influences and how did you get your sound?

Anyone that I listen to really.  I listen to anyone from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Adele, and Lady Gaga.  Reallly anything that I listen to will show through in what I sing or play.

Is there anyone you look up to for songwriting?

Adele because I think our styles are similar.

From listening to your music, even the first few tracks, you would have never guessed that a thirteen year old girl was singing.  You seem awfully mature for your age.  Do you see yourself finishing high school and going to college, or do you see yourself hitting the road right after high school?

Well a lot of people ask me what my future is going to be and I don’t know at all just yet.  It is still very early and I hope that I will be doing music the rest of my life.

Great answer!  Are you with a label and and if not, how do you feel about the possibility of being with a label?

No, I’m not with a label right now.  I don’t know really what a label would do for me at this point.  I have come pretty far at this point on my own and I’m loving the freedom I have in what I do.  If I have a label, we are talking about contracts and I don’t know what that would mean really.  I don’t want them to take my soul or my life away right now.

Yes, it seems that you have had great success so far with what you are doing on your own.  So keep it up!

Yes, I will.

It says in your bio that you run an air-brush tattoo company.  Tell us about that.

That is something I started before I was every playing music out and I love art, painting, and drawing, so I started my own business giving air-brush tattoos.  It’s been fun and I still do it.

How do you find time to just “be a kid” between school, music, and running your own air-brush tattoo company?

It’s not hard really because its not taking over my life yet.  I mean, I don’t get to play any sports after school with my homework and all, but I don’t mind that.  I still get great grades and have fun and I think that is all that matters right now.

What are the next steps for your career right now?

Playing and recording a lot more music and playing a bunch of new places.

Do you have a booking agent for shows?

I have a booking agent named Rick Everly and he has helped book some great shows.  He has booked the majority of my shows.  Sometimes, it is through a friend of a friend that we get shows too.  My family is pretty supportive.

If you could put a timeline on the next time we’ll see music from you, when will that be?

Well, I am going into the studio next week to record a song that I finished yesterday as a matter of fact.  I want to do this next album a lot quicker than last time because the last album took about two years, so much sooner than two years.  As far as playing places, I never really know where I am playing because my parents just tell me where to play, I get in the car and then I go play.

You, know that is like basically being signed to a label…lol

Yes.  haha!

Is there anything that you’d like to add?

I’m just trying to get my music out there, so please take a listen.

What about offering a free track on the IMR Magazine website so people can download it free for thirty days?

That is great.  Can we give away the track “98?”

Yes, absolutely.  We will do that!  Maybe we can direct fans to your reverbnation page for a free download.  How does that sound instead?

Sounds great.  We can make the track available.  Great!

Well thank you Charlie for all of your time today and I wish you the best of success.

Thank you for this.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Album Name: Dreamland
Date Released: March 2011
Genre: Pop/Rock
Location: Oyster Bay, NY
Band Members: Charlie Dane
Website: http://www.charliedane.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Charlie-Dane-Music/112571835460802
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/charliedane_


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