The Vulcans – Shadows

The Vulcans are proof that you don’t need much in order to create great music.  Simply using their voices, guitars, mandolins, banjos, percussion and a keyboard, they create a true Americana sound on the album, Shadows.  The Vulcans’ Facebook page perfectly sums up this trio. “Disheartened by the overly produced and formulaic music, band members Nick Lindsay, Aaron Spangler, and John Thomas are in search of a more understated and traditional style of music, emphasizing unique harmonies, sincere lyrics, and tight musicality.”

With haunting harmonies and the ideal Americana sound, The Vulcans would fit in well on a Mumford & Sons tour.  They have a very similar sound to the popular band.  While listening to Shadows, you can picture yourself sitting around a campfire in the Appalachian Mountains deep in the heart of Pennsylvania (the state they call home).

The first track off Shadows helps you travel to that setting with sounds of birds and water trickling down a creek.  Eventually The Vulcans’ main sound sets in on “Molt” with a mandolin, banjo, and then a harmonica.  The Vulcans’ amazing harmonies are introduced on the second track, “Auburn Girl.”  They sing of a girl who tricked them into thinking they were the only one in her life.  They felt like they had a connection, but it turns out they weren’t the only one.

“Believe me when I say I thought I’d found
Kindred spirit bonding with my own
A spark ignited somewhere deep inside me
But in my eyes, the flame’s going down.”

“Tomorrow’s Just Today” is a song in which The Vulcans use nature and weather as a metaphor for life.  There are many ups and downs and stormy days ahead, but the most important thing is to see through the clouds in order to get to the sunny side.  This is an example of The Vulcans’ ability to use insightful lyrics to convey their feelings in a song.

“Lessons Learned” could be a soundtrack to any young person’s life who is still trying to figure things out.  Lots of listeners will relate to this message, because so many people out there are still learning from their mistakes.  With a slower tempo and beautiful sound, the music goes well with the lyrical side to this song.

The perfect representation of The Vulcans’ sound is on the track, “Someone I Used To Know.”  The song has an upbeat feel, and they showcase their harmonies and trademark instruments throughout the song.  If they were to release one song off this album as a single, “Someone I Used To Know” would be it.

As The Vulcans state on their Facebook, many indie supporters are tired of the overly produced music that takes over many radio stations.  If you enjoy a folk, Americana sound similar to Mumford & Sons, The Vulcans will be the best fit for you.  They will have you believing in true, pure music again.

Rating: 4/5 Stars!

Album: Shadows
Release Date: 2011
Genre(s): folk, Americana, indie
Members: Nick Lindsay (vocals, guitar, mandolin, keyboard), Aaron Spangler (vocals, guitar, mandolin, banjo), John Thomas (vocals, guitar, mandolin, banjo)
Location: Philadelphia, PA

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