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Serena Matthew’s compilation album 2012 is a gathering of twenty-one songs that she has produced since 2003.  Her music represents the raw, emotional old souls of the world.  She produces her songs from her own home, as is evident in the recordings.  However, this stripped-down, back-to-basics sound is what Serena was going for.  Though originally skeptical, it is apparent that this approach fits her well, and lends credence to her pursuit of portraying a real life person, untouched by the pressures of society.

As you listen to Serena’s songs, you get the feeling that she is mournfully content.  There is a lament for things past, but she cherishes her life for what it has become.  There is wisdom to her songs, as she takes the most mundane items in life and shows us how we relate.   There is no fluff or filler, no embellishments or white lies.  In a world full of people who always want more, Serena encourages listeners to stop and smile at what they have now.  Even though her music is understated, it has the ability to command your attention, to get you to pause, even if only for a moment.

Perhaps one of the best compliments an artist can receive is when there is no mainstream artist to compare them to.  Serena’s voice and style is rather unique, and the only artist who she could be even loosely compared to would be the vocals of Macy Gray.  That is, if you took Macy to Tennessee and put a guitar in her hand.  Serena’s approach to her music makes her a standout, with vocals that are very different from most female artists we hear today.  She doesn’t require long runs or insanely high notes to get noticed.  Her smooth, almost innocent voice is enough to capture attention all on its own.

As with any artist, there are improvements Serena could make.  However, what I most love about Serena is her quiet confidence that tells me even though she would smile politely and hand me a warm cup of coffee while I told her my thoughts for improvement, she would head back into her home studio and record straight from her heart, as she has always done.  Serena is an artist that makes music to tell a story, not to make millions or become the next big legend.  Her compilation album 2012 is a strong musical collection, and one worth having.

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars!

Album Name: 2012
Date Released: February, 2012
Genre(s): Acoustic, Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk
Location: Murfreesboro, TN
Band Members: Serena Matthews

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