Ray Tarantino – Self-Titled

Born in Italy and growing up in the UK, Ray Tarantino has had to make a few mistakes and learn from them before realizing the life he wanted to live.  Playing music is his destiny. Performing around the world and getting some doors shut in his face has made for some interesting stories (Just wait until you hear about the time he got turned down from a label because he is bald..more on that a little later in the review.) Never letting that get him down, he now calls Nashville home, playing shows almost every night. His music tells of his journey, and who better to tell your story than yourself?

Released in May of 2012, Ray Tarantino is a beautiful showcase of his story. Everything about this album screams “Journey” and “Movement.” About the lyrical content Tarantino shared this with us, “the focus of the lyrics is movement and change, moving forward and oiling the mechanism that enables us to do so.” Combine that with the album art featuring a car speeding off in the desert, it doesn’t take much to see that Tarantino and his band thought very carefully of the message they were trying to relay to listeners.

Musically, the songs on this album could find homes with adult contemporary stations and even hard rock stations. Tarantino’s vocals and guitar playing style are diverse enough to fit into both styles (and possibly even more).  The album’s opening track, “Can’t You See” is intense and powerful, while the single, “She Comes to Me (so Easily)” is breezy, easy to listen and sway along with. Most of the songs on Ray Tarantino are very melodic and mellow, the perfect soundtrack for starting on a new chapter in your life. Tarantino’s vocals are raspy, entrancing. Like a warm fire on a cold dark winter night listeners will be reassured and comforted while listening. The album flows excellently, everything from the order of songs and even the amount is well thought out and coherent. “A Whisper in the Sea,” the album’s closing track is the perfect song to wrap up the story. Just acoustic guitar and Tarantino singing, this minimalistic track tugs at the heartstrings and will leave you wondering, “What comes next?” That, of course is up to you. Go start your own journey and find out!

He is bald! He writes really good songs and has a great voice but he’s bald!”

This is how the head of a major recording company responded to Ray’s music. But Ray knew that somewhere in the word he would have found at least one person that cared more about music than hairstyle. The guy from the London based label will probably never know, but Ray was right!

It’s hard to believe that is how someone responded to Ray Tarantino’s music.  (Passage above taken from the bio section of http://www.raytarantino.com/)

Unfortunately that is how the mainstream media (and most of the world) thinks. Fortunately, we here at IMR and (our readers) care more about music than hairstyle! Show your support, listen and love!

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars!

Album Name: Ray Tarantino
Date Released: May, 2012
Genre(s): Singer-Songwriter
Location: Nashville, TN
Band Members: Ray Tarantino (guitars & vocals) – Paolo Legramandi (bass) – Nik Taccori (drums & backing vocals) – Ale Pasini (guitar)
Record Label: Tiny Drum Records
Website: http://www.raytarantino.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raytarantinomusic
Bandcamp: http://raytarantino.bandcamp.com/album/ray-tarantino

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