People- A Better Way To Live

When you listen to the new release from People, “A Better Way To Live,” you can tell right away that Jesus, Joey and Matt are talented musicians But even after research, I was unable to find out who was playing what instrument.

The band has punchy vocals that brings to mind Robert Smith of The Cure, but after listening, if I could pick only one word to describe the three songs, “Another Day In Paradise,” “Currie” and “Some Other Mother,” the word would have to be “incomplete.”

Even though there is obviously and abundance of talent on display, the guitar never brings the songs together in a way this reviewer would like. Sometimes I was distracted by the guitar being out of tune. I am sure that this was intended, but it had the unfortunate effect of pulling me away from the songs themselves. What a listener is left with, is that while the band members may be playing together, one sometimes gets the feelling that the band member are on their way to other songs.

Un-tuned guitars on their own have a long history. A large portion of the punk movement thought that being in tune and having knowledge of a third chord was an extravagance that led to art rock, and everything that they despised. They were proud of their lack of musicianship, but what they may have lacked in chops, they more than made up for with an aggressive energy that would knock you down, take your money and you would still tell your friends the next day about the great band you saw.

This release from People doesn’t share that energy, and unfortunately doesn’t contain the kind of intensity that brings a listener back for additional listens. But as talented as this band is, I know that it’s possible for them to hit it out of the park with their next release and I cant wait to see them do it.

I give the album 2 out of 5 stars.

Album name: A Better Way To Live
Genres: Indie/Rock
Location: Deerfield Beach, FL
Band members: Jon-Guitar, Jesus-guitar/vox, Vince-drums, Joey-bass
Date album released: June, 2011

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