Mari Therese – All Yours

If Bob Dylan were a female living in 2012, he would probably sound something like Mari Therese: yes, she’s that good. Before all of you hardcore Dylan fans start ravaging with torches and pitchforks, think of what his music meant to you or rather how it made you feel. The calming sensation of his steady melody left you mesmerized and wanting more. This is exactly what Therese translates, as her hypnotizing melodies wrap themselves around you, and carry you away to a grassy meadow where you feel nothing but the wind, and hear nothing but the calm soothing voice of a folk princess. At least, that might be where your mind takes you, if you’re an avid daydreamer and hopeless romantic.

Therese’s debut EP All Yours, features a tale of love and loss, with a gentle touch of earthly rhythms (if you’d like to get technical, think the Dixie Chicks). The first track “Baby Girl,” lets you know who Therese is right away; and how could you think of her as anything but charming and sweet. There is even an innocence to her voice that convinces you she is a young, naïve teen in love, until you suddenly retract that thought and realize you’re recalling that certain time in your own life. This is a good thing though, because it makes you wonder if there is so much more to her music that you are missing. However it’s the simple things in life that are enjoyed the most.

Having performed everywhere from Chicago night clubs to grassroots festivals to Italian concert stages, Therese has already made her mark on the Chicago music scene as a folk singer/songwriter and operatic soprano, and has recently joined the Opera on Tap Chicago; and she shows no signs of slowing down.

In all honesty, this album does conjure up memories of Dylan’s original folk, acoustic music only because of its simplicity. Even with piercing violins in the background, Therese manages to maintain that lowdown, raw folk vibe that is missing in a lot of mainstream music. Where layering and auto tune has complicated and overwhelmed songs, it is rare to experience an organic album like All Yours and enjoy it for the simple fact that it is easy on the ears and pleasurable to the soul.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars!

Album Name: All Yours
Date Released: January, 2012
Genre(s): Folk, Pop
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Band Members: Mari (Vocals/Guitar), Joe Buchheit (Keys), Anthony Sobun (Upright bass), Isaac Krantz Perlman (Percussion)

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