Live Show Review: SoCro, Detroit Mutant Radio, and Lord T & Eloise at Peachtree Tavern – Atlanta, GA

Saturday night, IMR headed out to Atlanta’s Buckhead area at Peachtree Tavern to help you, our beloved reader, make a little sense of this crazy, colorful, and often borderline-ridiculous musical world around us.

Opening the night was Chattanooga’s SoCro.  With bass-heavy beats and a flow all his own, our homie SoCro with supporting DJ Renan left a residue of Chatt-town funk on the tavern’s stage which remained for the rest of the night.  Not for the lame-at-heart, SoCro offered his interpretation of Chattanooga street-life making everyone throw their hands up with single “Bangin’ my Sh*t.”  Simply put; if you like drinking Schlitz or comin’ down in a “candy slab drippin’ paint,” this is your guy. (Sorry, that’s Texas slang…my bad.)  Performing to an early crowd of only 35-40, SoCro “held it down” and readied the crowd for the night’s next two acts.  Catching us way off guard for the final song of the set, we heard an absolutely…surprising… cover of Montell Jordan’s “This is How We Do It” which we haven’t heard since Will Ferrell & John C. Reilly’s bunk-bed scene of Step Brothers.  It goes without saying, that SoCro was a memorable act and a great start to the night.

Second up, Detroit Mutant Radio (DMR); if you know anything about our magazine, you will already know that we love these guys.  They are a funky six-piece “ghetto-rock” Atlanta-based & Detroit-founded conglomerate with two-guitars, bass, drums, a newly-added DJ, along with the incomparable Mr. Creech out front.  When you talk about DMR, you are talking about guitars being shred with Slash-like precision, James Brown hits, and a front-man that absolutely commands your attention.  Their James Brown hits were very memorable and defined the funk in their sound.

Personal note from the writer:  Being from Detroit, it doesn’t make me biased in any way.  I didn’t like Eminem just because he was from Detroit. And for the record, 8 Mile is a street that lies on the border of Detroit.  Once you cross it, you are out of Detroit.  To say that 8 Mile is based in Detroit is like saying the furthest street in your town is the heart of it….

But I digress…  DMR is high-energy, a true crowd-pleaser, and a band with great potential.  I can’t wait to see these guys a year from now.

And, what can I say about Lord T & Eloise?  Probably nothing that hasn’t already been said about Afghanistan;  When you experience their show, it will bring a range of emotions from shock, to awe, and then possibly nausea.  Now, that is just how I feel personally, and what do I know?…I’ve never won a Grammy.  But, if you like pretty colors flashing behind two forty-something white-guy rappers donning Ben Franklin-esque wigs wearing 18th century garb, this might be for you.  Let’s not forget to mention that Eloise was completely painted in Gold.  Gold.  Gold.  Yes, G – O – L – D.  Why did they need lights? They had gold.

Honestly, their smoke & laser-ladden intro was the best of the night and created much-needed anticipation for the Buckhead yuppie crowd as to what we were going to see next.  Their DJ was awesome.  He laid down the footwork to a platform for any artist to springboard into the hearts of onlooking concert goers, but…. I can’t say what happened between Lord T & Eloise and the listeners.  Why?  Because we left awfully early in their show.  Our best guess is that every time someone downloads a Lord T and Eliose track, an angel will lose its wings.  Frank Wells….signing out.  Support Indie.

Video to follow soon…Follow us on Youtube.

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