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Le Panique, the San Francisco-born band, is bringing back the dance-punk style with the release of their Saturday Matinee EP.  Le Panique was created when Devin Ozel decided he was done with “mediocre melodies and slow drum beats.”  He set to work creating songs that were very fast and heavily featured the bass.  After a long search for the perfect partners in crime, he found them in Marlene who is “crazy-good” on the drums and James whose voice is the perfect fit for their style of dance-punk. They set to work, and Saturday Matinee is their creation.

The EP begins with “Santa Clara”. Immediately you are hit with feedback and vocals that are distorted one minute, and the next, are reminiscent of Godsmack’s lead singer, Sully.  The drums and bass play off of each other to build the tempo and take it back like tug-of-war.  Just as quickly the song begins, it ends.

“Life in the Goondocks” takes another turn. The vocals are completely different than the song before: less screaming and more off-key singing. The melody is more comprehendible, but the drums and bass still go hard.

“If We Played by the Rules Right Now We’d be in Gym” is the song that will get everyone rushing to the stage skanking, moshing and rocking out.  Lot’s of screaming, insanely fast drumming make this song very catchy even though it’s raw and unpolished.

The EP ends with the song “Man of the Year A strong finish to a high energy EP this song is filled with emotion: lots of screaming, lots of embellishment from everyone. The lyrics aren’t very clear, but that doesn’t interfere with the integrity of the song.

If you are looking for smooth vocals, catchy fun sing along songs then look elsewhere. Saturday Matinee is everything a punk album should be; It’s loud, it’s raw, in your face and not pretty. The drumming is fantastic. Marlene is really a force to be dealt with and the melodies (courtesy of Devin) are wonderfully distorted. James is able to go from singing to screaming his heart out in less than five seconds. This trio was made for each other. Le Panique is dancing to the beat of their own drummer and before long you will be too.

Le Panique is:
Devin Ozel-Bass
Marlene Melendez-Drums
James Parrish-Vocals

Le Panique can be found:
Sonicbids:  http://www.sonicbids.com/epk/epk.aspx?epk_id=322892
Bandcamp:  http://lepaniquesf.bandcamp.com/track/santa-clara
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/lepaniquesf

Genre: Dance Punk
Album Name: Saturday Matinee
Release Date: November 2011
Rating: 3/5 Stars


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