Kristen Cothron – Show Me Where The Edge Is

Kristen Cothron is one tough cookie. After a horrible car accident in 2008, this singer/songwriter out of Nashville is back and better than ever with her newly released album (album released 9/11), Show Me Where The Edge Is.  Singing on stage since the age of thirteen, Cothron has jazz flowing in her veins along with that other red stuff. Don’t let that fool you though. This album is a brilliant mix of genres; somewhere between adult contemporary, jazz, alternative, with a dash of country and a splash of cabaret.

Cothron owns each genre she performs in each song. From the beautiful country ballad, “Travelling Alone,” to the pop-infused lighter love song “Maybe It’s You,” she proves she won’t be classified and put into just into one style box.

Along with the music, her vocals on the album are reflective of the mood of each song she sings. Keeping the listener engaged is a simple feat.  She’s got terrific range but instead of showing off her powerful pipes, she pulls you in with her purring, almost crooning style of singing. Sassy, smoky (without the raspy quality) Cothron has a unique voice that rivals the radio darlings over-played on the radio today.

While listening to Show Me Where The Edge Is, a few songs may jump out at you as sounding familiar. Elvis Costello is a big influence on Cothron, so much so that she  “reworked” three of his songs  (“Town Cryer” and This Year’s Girl” are two. We’ll let you find the last one for yourself).

As you play the songs on this album, you won’t just imagine you are sitting in a smoky bar, while Cothron sings to you from a dimly lit stage.  You will be able to smell the cigarettes and taste the alcohol on your tongue. The album is an experience; Cothron has the ability to make you feel like you are right there with her, as she takes you through her songs and experiences. Dynamic, intriguing, mesmerizing; Show Me Where The Edge Is has a little taste of everything. Effortlessly mixing genres in such a masterful and subtle way is just one of the many reasons Kristen Cothron is a true talent in a sea of artists striving to be heard. Overlooking this album would be a crime, so do yourself a favor and give it a listen today.

Rating: 5/5 Stars!

Album Name: Show Me Where The Edge Is
Date Released: September, 2012
Genre(s): Jazz, Alternative, Pop
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Band Members: Kristen Cothron

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