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Some people are born to create music. Music that inspires, and is full of heart. From his childhood in Anguilla where he sang and learned to play guitar, to living in the South Bronx Jahmings Maccow has been creating music that is on the same level as the Reggae greats that came before him.  After collaborating with bands in the 80’s like Catch-A-Fire and The Enforcers in New York, he became a force to be reckoned with. In the 90’s he moved to Los Angeles to broaden his sound. As the years have gone by, Jahmings Maccow has infused reggae with blues and rock effortlessly. Now he is back with the exceptional EP, I.

I is a stripped down, back to basics album that makes using the word “simple” a good thing again. In mainstream music today, everything has to be over the top and over-produced; too many effects and not enough heart. It’s refreshing to hear simple, beautiful music; guitar, vocals, keyboard, drums. Why mess with a good thing?

The album starts out with the song, “Horizon Train.”  Jahmings croons smoothly and lets his guitar do most of the talking. The song is melodic and mellow, yet groovy with terrific background vocals provided by JJ that are reminiscent of The Wailers. You can’t help but to groove along and nod your head to the beat.

“Passing Through” has more of a bluesy, rock and roll vibe circa the 60’s.  The keyboards in the background are haunting while Jahming’s whisper like vocals scream to be heard,  “Early one Sunday morning, about a quarter to three. This is how it all began, as I was passing through.” Immediately the listener is hooked. This is what songwriting is all about.

The album’s title track, “I” is heavy on guitar, which seems to take on a persona all it’s own in this song. The down tempo adds drama, while his storytelling abilities are once again, nothing short of flawless. After this song is over, the listener is left wanting more, which is exactly how it should be.

If you are looking for music done well with passion and soul, Jahmings Maccow is not to be overlooked.

Album Name: I
Release Date: 1/2010
Location: California
Bandmembers: Jahmings Maccow, JJ, Red I, Mikey B Ortiz, Delly, Jahamen Mobley
Label: Letmego Records

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