Indie Overdose – September 2012

When we started Indie Overdose back in February, we set out to give musicians a chance to gain more exposure, and our readers the opportunity to hear great music they might not have otherwise found. This is our eighth release of the Dose, and while not all tracks may have been winners for every fan, we are proud of what we have accomplished in such a short period of time.

As editor of IMR, I can honestly tell you it gives me a charge to go through the process of listening to submissions, picking finalists and then seeing how the voting committee chooses the winners. Each month the decisions get more and more difficult and that is a luxury that I don’t take lightly. There is great music every month that does not make this list. My hope is that at some point, musicians will see this as a badge of honor at having been chosen to be on Indie Overdose. I also hope that our readers see this as having their birthday twelve times a year.

I cannot say this enough though; many, if not all of these bands, are in dire need of our support. If you like what you hear, check out their page, listen to the rest of their music catalog, and go see them live. Each and every one of them deserves it.

Thanks for listening, and get all of these tracks here: (Zip file AND individual tracks listed here)

Here they are boys and girls, the September 2012 Indie Overdose artists:

Belmont Lights – “Halfway”
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Pop/Rock
Band Members: Isaiah Blas, Oscar Gonzalez, Casey Peek, Jed Peek

Originally known as The Pennant, this quartet has been touring the west coast hard the past few years. This inspirational tune is the perfect start to this month’s Dose. You can’t help but hear the chorus to this song and think of large arenas of fans singing this one back at these boys. One can only hope that if they ever do get where they are going, they don’t stop there either.

Ron Pope – “One Grain of Sand”
Location: New York, NY
Genre: Alternative, Pop
Band Members: Ron Pope

Ron Pope has developed quite a loyal fan base, and rightfully so. His music blends mainstream pop sensibilities with an edgier rock feel. “One Grain of Sand” is one of those cross-over tracks that would appeal to a wide range of fans. With heart-breaking lyrics, pounding rhythm, and that guitar riff reminiscent of U2’s The Edge, this is one song that should be a staple in many iPods.

I Was Totally Destroying It – “My Internal Din”
Location: Chapel Hill, NC
Genre: Alternative
Band Members: Curtis Armstead, John Booker, James Hepler, Rachel Hirsh, Joe Mazzitelli

IWTDI has been all over IMR recently. We recently covered their new release Vexations and were also lucky enough to catch them live on the first night of their current tour. Fans of Shirley Manson and her band Garbage will feel right at home with this song. The video for it, captures everything we live with doing the DIY indie thing; going through the motions of your day job while working on the lyrics and arrangements of songs in your head…or in our case, this issue of the Dose.

Chris Hurn – “Whatcha Got”
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Genre: Folk, Singer-Songwriter
Band Members: Chris Hurn

With vocals reminiscent at times of his idol, Bob Dylan, and a musical composition you might hear in a Gap commercial, “Whatcha Got” is a very interesting tune. The melody will sink into your soul and you will be humming it at surprising moments. This is one of those tunes that just put a smile on your face.

Kristen Cothron – “The Edge”

Location: Nashville, TN
Genre: Alternative, Pop
Band Members: Kristen Cothron

Her album Show Me Where the Edge Is was recently covered here at IMR. Our very own Kerri Curtis says that Cothron has “terrific range but instead of showing off her powerful pipes, she pulls you in with her purring, almost crooning style of singing. Sassy, smoky (without the raspy quality) Cothron has a unique voice that rivals the radio darlings over-played on the radio today.”

I Am Carpenter – “Pity”
Location: Greenville, SC
Genre: Post-Rock, Alternative
Band Members: Steven, Scape, Taylor, Joe, Jeremy, Austin.

The first of two bands from the hotbed that is Greenville, SC. Like IWTDI above, this band has also become a recent favorite as we have covered their new release My God Clara and covered them live. Hold on for a hell of a ride. “Pity” builds throughout, to a point where you find yourself pounding your fist to the beat and are ready to explode with lead singer Cathcart about halfway through.

Fierce Creatures – “Catacomb Party”
Location: Fresno, CA
Genre: Indie
Band Members: Mike Adame, Mathr de León, Tomas Galvan, Joel Melton, Jon Rulloda, Nathaniel Stiers, Amanda Valdez

The favorite of IMR founder Nate Kieser, Fierce Creatures bring you a soundscape so layered, it could take weeks to pick them all out of “Catacomb Party.” With seven members, it’s no surprise. Rather than overwhelm you, the track envelopes you and allows you to flow at your own pace. Sit back. Turn the lights out. Close your eyes. Grab those headphones and enjoy.

Vices I Admire – “Beautiful Fire”
Location: Denver, Colorado
Genre: Alternative/Indie Rock
Band Members: Dave Curtis, Dan Battenhouse, Alex Simpson, Tavis Alley

Be prepared, because Vices I Admire are going to try and kick your teeth in. A band we covered back in March, they have put a modern edge on some old school rock and are not afraid to show you. Gone are the long hair and tight pants, but the powerful screaming vocals and guitar riffs are all there. The backline of Battenhouse and Simpson drive this ship effortlessly.

The Sullivans – “Constantly Warning”
Location: Juarez, Mexico
Genre: Brit Rock
Band Members: Armando Santiesteban, Marco Ramos, Edgar Santiesteban, Enrique Chavez

IMR covered The Sullivans album I Was, Silvanus Thel back in July. At that time, Wes Foster said they “have catchy melodies and real depth because of the variety of instruments used.” This track fits that perfectly. The boys from Juarez  capture that old school Brit Rock sound that any music fan can recognize. The melodies all sound familiar, but The Sullivans truly make it their own.

Where’s Wolf – “Bathsheba”
Location: Greenville, SC
Genre: Indie/Alternative Rock
Band Members: Josh Sorrells, Lucy Nordlinger, Weston Frazor, Andrew Higgins, Tyler Corn

The second artist from Greenville, this band took us by complete surprise. “Bathsheba” is thick with both emotion and depth, but what you hear on this track is nothing compared to the live version. The mellow lulls track regularly, but the build on this song grows exponentially on stage. This is a band to pay attention to.

Clap for Daylight – “One and the Same”
Location: Decatur, GA
Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock
Band Members: Greg Vilines, Alex Arnett, David Oliver, Mitch Kiley

The Decatur quartet has a very catchy tune in “One and the Same.” At first listen, one would almost think this was an O.A.R minus the saxophone. The vocals are very similar to Marc Roberge, but Clap for Daylight truly owns this. It’s one of those songs that grow on you, and when you hit that chorus, it just screams sing along.

Viva Montesa – “Gimme Moe”
Location: Des Moines, IA
Genre: Garage Rock
Members: Ted & Gary Schwick

Another recent review here at IMR, the brothers Schwick not only re-create some old school rock riffs, they rip them apart and make them their own. “Gimme Moe” could have easily been a song our parents listened to in the 60s and 70s. And yet, it fits so naturally in the modern day landscape of rock music. From that first dirty riff to the last scream, “Gimme Moe” is a timeless treat.

Floodwatch – “Worship the Morning”
Location: Raymond, New Hampshire
Genre: Rock, Americana
Band Members: Rob Richards, David Steadman, James White

At first listen, you almost expect this song to have been written in the back woods of the deep south. It’s roots have roots and they are all buried in some serious Americana. “Worship the Morning” is a slow burner like a good chili. The heat grows with every verse. The anticipation is for this trio to explode at the climax of the track. They choose a slow burn, but something tells me they tear the roof off live.

Sweet Soubrette – “What’s My Desire?”
Location: New York, NY
Genre: Indie rock
Band Members: Ellia Bisker, Heather Cole, Mike Dobson, Stacy Rock, Bob Smith, Cecil Scheib, John Waters, Erin Rogers

Dark and sultry, Ellia Bisker paints quite the picture with both her lyrics and vocals. Not quite vaudeville, not quite cabaret, Sweet Soubrette certainly has a sound that is truly their own. It is intoxicating and addicting, and the addition of the horns is the icing on this spicy music cake.

Fey Moth – “Blam”
Location: Seattle, WA
Genre: Electropop
Band Members: Piper Drake, Julia-Anne Endicott Bork, Eric Severtson

And finally, to end our Indie Overdose selections this month, we give you Fey Moth’s track “Blam.” As the track name would suggest, it’s an instant “in your face” indie hit. We’d even go as far as saying that it’s the most-likely quintessential “indie” song we’ve come across all year. With perfectly ear-piercing electronic melodies, “throwback” 80s dance beat, and hip female vocals, you can’t help but think of this track when someone says the word “indie.” We’re loving it and hope you do too.

Thanks for listening, and get all of these tracks here: (Zip file AND individual tracks listed here)

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