Indie Overdose – May 2012

Things have been chaotic here at IMR. In the last month, we had our very first music festival in Atlanta, and we received over 3,000 submissions for our special Indie Acoustic issue to be released June 1st. For some, Indie Overdose is the moment they wait for each month. Why wouldn’t it be? Fifteen great tracks from around the world all yours for free sounds pretty damn good.

For those of us who work on the Dose every month, it is an experience of exploration and enjoyment. While I go through each submission, there is a committee of six that vote on the 35-40 finalists each month. Getting down to fifteen can be an extremely difficult task. The quality of the submissions received is so high, that we could easily offer 25 tracks almost every month.

We hope that you enjoy this month’s group of songs as much as we have. It has a decidedly international flair to it, as 8 countries are represented. Please remember to support these great artists so that we can continue to enjoy their work. Check out their sites, buy their music, go see them live, bail them out of jail, anything…

Grab your headphones boys and girls. These are the current artists of Indie Overdose:

 ***** The Big Dose *****


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The Bailey Hounds – “Those Devils Don’t Scare Me”
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Genre: Cemetery Blues
Band Members: Ryan (vocals, guitar, harmonica, organ), Gary (drums, percussion), Vince (electric guitar), Chris (bass)

A band we covered back in January, The Bailey Hounds have become a favorite at IMR. We got to hang out with guitarist Vince Federici at the 2012 IMR Music Festival when he came to Atlanta with another project. Self-described as a “cemetery blues” band, they take morbid subject matter, add in a few great blues guitar riffs and classic harmonies to create auditory bliss.


Dave Tieff – “Time to Fly”
Location: Annapolis, MD
Genre: Pop
Band Members: Dave Tieff, Matt Ascione, Mark Owen, Corey Hall, Rob Houck, Larry Melton, Josh Lilly
Record Label: Giv Records

Former Laughing Colors frontman Dave Tieff has found the sweet spot that artists like Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz and Gavin Degraw yearn for. A man who has battled addiction and won, Tieff channels his passion and talent into this uplifting tune that could possibly be a summer favorite.


NovaKord – “Out There”
Location: Atlanta, GA
Genre: Alternative, Electronic
Band Members: Wes Daniel (vocals, guitar, keys), Billy Snyder (bass, keys, vocals), Johnny Cunningham (drums, percussion, vocals)

This band put on quite a show on Saturday night at the 2012 IMR Music Festival. Wes Daniel was also recently one of the musicians interviewed in “Breaking Radio Silence: The Price of Free.” Daniel, Snyder & Cunningham have put together one hell of a track here. Daniel’s emotional vocals are almost as powerful as Cunningham’s work on drums. With dual keys, electronics, guitar and bass it is hard to figure out where Snyder ends and Daniel starts, but they blend brilliantly.


Foxglove – “Land’s End”
Location: Cork, Ireland
Genre: Folktronic/pop
Band Members: Niamh Murphy (vocals, keys), Kate Curran (trumpet, backing vocals), Rob Dunne (guitar), John McAleer (bass), Dan Walsh (drums)

With a voice as smooth as velvet, Niamh Murphy seduces your ear into pure surrender. Describing themselves as “folktronic,” Foxglove has a jazzy feel that starts with Walsh’s drumming. While busy, it isn’t overdone and he and McAleer create the perfect backdrop for the understated work of Dunne and Murphy on guitar and keys respectively. There’s more to this band than the sexy vocals, but I’d still listen to Niamh Murphy for hours, even if she was singing the grocery list.


Yellowbridge – “Cruising”
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Genre: Indie/folk
Band Members: Kyle Hyungsung Kim, Ciara Donnelly
Record Label: Yellowbridge Recordings

Ciara Donnelly has a very distinctive voice that immediately jumps out and grabs you. One second it is in your face, the next quiet and seductive. “Cruising” is an attention-grabbing tune that makes you want to know more about Yellowbridge.


My My My – “Hard Kisses”
Location: Chicago, IL
Genre: Indie-pop
Band Members: Russell Baylin, Sarah Snow, Johnny Szymanski, Ante Gelo, Jake Bartolone, John Sorensen

You may have heard this band without even realizing it as they have been placed in various TV shows. They combine 80s-style euro-pop musical stylings with a male/female vocal duo. Russell Baylin’s vocals are reminiscent of David Bowie or Richard Butler (Psychedelic Furs), and Snow complements him very well. “Hard Kisses” is one of those tracks you will definitely blast in the car while screaming the chorus.


A. John Hawkins – “Eight Legs Are Good For Dancing”
Location: Toronto, Canada
Genre: Pop/Rock
Band Members: A. John Hawkins

Hawkins has spent the better part of a decade playing in a heavy metal band, which will most likely surprise you when you hear this track for the first time. Catchy lyrics, almost vaudevillian piano work and upbeat vocals paint a different picture than the one you create in your mind when reading Hawkins’ bio. One thing is certain though; he is incredibly talented and can write an interesting tune.

Xenia Dunford & the Eastern Exile – “The Only One”
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Americana/Rock
Band Members: Xenia Dunford (vocals, keys), Scotty Mlodzinski (guitar), Forrest Pettengill (bass), Adam Farley (drums)

A recently reviewed artist at IMR, Melissa Landrin says “The Only One” is a sexy song with a jazz and blues feel that will have you snapping your fingers along with the beat. Xenia sings about the physicalness of a relationship and she finds the perfect words to go along with the topic with lyrics like ‘We’ll lace our fingers like a spider’s web, with no traces of start and end…’ [and] that’s only the appetizer.”


Woodmanstone – “Someone’s Ideal”
Location: Leicester, UK
Genre: Indie Rock
Band Members: Members: Woodman Stone (vocals, acoustic guitars), Doug Burgess (bass, electrics), James Buckley (drums), Tony Robinson (brass)

Stone creates an upbeat, catchy tune here. The lyrics are fun and addition of horns adds a layer to this enjoyable tune. Working on their first album, we look forward to hearing more from Woodmanstone.


While Giants Sleep – “Celeste”
Location: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Alternative Rock
Band Members: Josef Molin (vocals), Ola Sandberg (guitar), Keyloth Perez (guitar), Daniel Thorisson (bass), Olle Ekberg (drums)

This five-piece band delivers emotional vocals and an almost post-rock vibe. They submitted a different song in the past that this editor liked as much if not more than “Celeste.” They are working on their second album to be released later this year and I will be looking forward to seeing this band grow.


Grace Pageant – “Bones”
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Genre: Indie Pop
Band Members: Grace Pageant
Youtube Video:

Originally performing under the name Anna Kaye, Grace Pageant follows a pounding piano with incredibly witty lyrics in this funky little tune. In some ways, both this song and the video for it are reminiscent of early days MTV when the concept of a video was just blossoming. Both head-scratching and entertaining at the same time, Pageant certainly draws you in for a closer look.


French Girls – “Honest Man”
Location: Riverside, CA
Genre: Indie Rock
Band Members: Conner Munson, Connor Pollard

Nicely done guitar work frames this mellow tune. One could imagine this song playing out to ten minutes with the duo working it out in long sequences. The two play well off each other.


Second Chance at Eden – “Sleep”
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Genre: Rock
Band Members: Elle G (vocals), Josh Donaldson (guitar), Dan Snow (bass), Brandon Miller (drums)

It is obvious that Elle G has pipes and after listening to a couple more up-tempo tunes, the band can certainly keep up with her. This song feels like a loaded gun waiting to be fired. You get the impression that they can really open this one up on stage and let it fly.


A Band Called Mithras – “American Demon”
Location: Howell, MI
Genre: Pop
Members: Bob Wilson

A Band Called Mithras screams of early Beck right down to the vocals. Everything about this project is off-beat, from the song, to the description on their Facebook page, to the very fitting Monty Python photo. “American Demon” has a great funky vibe. It’s one of those cruising songs where you end up banging the drum section out on your steering wheel.


Silent People – “We’re Not Here To Stay”
Location: Arhus, Denmark
Genre: Alternative Rock
Band Members: Per Rødgaard (drums), Morten Juhlsen (vocals, guitar),
Kasper de Haan (keys and synths), Nikolaj de Haan (samplers, synths & effects, guitar, vocals)

Apparently they are. At almost nine minutes long, Silent People isn’t going anywhere. They almost lull you to sleep in the beginning with the horn samples, and the almost quiet vocals. Stick around, it’s worth the ride.

There you have it. Fifteen tracks all for you. Enjoy! We’ll see you next month.


Victor Alfieri

About Victor Alfieri

For Victor Alfieri, music has been in his blood from the very beginning. His father raised him on names like Plant, Morrison and Hendrix. For his mother, Motown was a religious experience. Smokey would wake him and Stevie would put him to bed. As he started collecting music of his own, it was always the artist nobody had heard of that would draw him in. He would spend countless hours in used CD and record shops scouring for hidden gems, and his friends never knew what the hell he was playing. While he makes a living as a desk jockey, his two lifelong passions are music and writing. He has covered mainstream music and has interviewed national acts, but like his early years of collecting, he has always been drawn to the hidden gems. He has helped create CD samplers that feature unsigned acts on two different websites and has worked exclusively with independent artists for the last few years. His goal, and the reason for Wordkrapht is to shine the light on amazing talent that needs to be heard. This is what he was meant to do.

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