Indie Overdose – March 2012

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Welcome to our second edition of Indie Overdose. Once again, you are in for a treat. We received over 100 submissions again and are bringing you the best of the best. The submissions were varied again in terms of both style and the location of the artist.

It would seem that March is the month of the Woman here at IMR. First, we had the Women of Indie issue released last week, and it should come as no surprise that the submissions were also female-heavy for this month’s Dose. Of the fifteen tracks we have for you, ten of them are female-fronted or solo artists.

Please remember that these tracks are offered to you for free, but it wasn’t that cheap to create the music you will enjoy. If you find an artist you like here, or anywhere on the IMR website, please support them by small things such as “likes” & “follows,” as well as buying their albums and seeing them live. Help these great artists pursue their dreams so we can reap the benefits of their creative talents.

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Ladies and gentlemen, your March, 2012 Dose winners:

Megan Michelle – “Surprise”
Location: Tucson, AZ
Genre: Indie-Folk
Band Members: Megan Michelle
Record Label: Punch Drunk Press

The beauty of a woman and her guitar. Megan Michelle has a voice almost too soft, which is why when you listen to the lyrics and catch the “Surprise,” it comes a bit unexpected. The lo-fi sound and beautiful voice just suck you right in. If you like this, Michelle is offering a three-track EP for free on her Facebook page.


Benner Fields – “Shaded Streets”
Location: New York, NY
Genre: Soul/Pop
Band Members: Benner Fields – Lead Vocals/Guitar, Simon Fishburn – Vocals/Drums, “Wild” Bill Williams – Vocals/Bass, Nick Southcott – Vocals/Keyboard

Imagine Ray LaMontagne before he hooked up with the Pariah Dogs with a smoother voice. Add in a great guitar riff and a killer pop hook and you’ve got “Shaded Streets.” Enjoy it while you can though. According to the band’s Facebook page, they have re-mastered this track for an upcoming release and have added a string quartet.


Tommy Marquez – “May Kills July”
Location: Fresno, CA
Genre: Acoustic/Pop
Band Members: Tommy Marquez

Tommy Marquez IS indie. He started out as a street performer at the age of 15 on the streets of Fresno. Over 10 years, he’s gone from the streets to sharing the stage with bands like Filter. This is a man and his acoustic guitar. With a high pitched voice reminiscent of Dallas Green of City and Colour, he’ll surprise you the way Green has done on numerous occasions.


Stephanie Fagan – “You are the Devil”
Location: Florence, SC
Genre: Americana/Folk
Band Members: Stephanie Fagan

This song is stalking me. It follows me to bed. It finds me in the shower. I can’t get away from it. It is intoxicating. Fagan’s voice is reminiscent of Natalie Merchant with a slight twang. Originally hailing from South Carolina, but now overseas living as an army wife, we can thank her for two reasons: the sacrifice she and her husband have made for our country, and this amazing song.


Foxx on Fire – “March Into the Sun”
Location: London, UK
Genre: Indulgent psychedelic art rock disco pop
Band Members: Paul Housden, Edward Housden, Geno Carrapetta

Originally from down under, these Aussies are making London several decades ago their home. Dive into this song and you are taken back to an age of free love and psychedelics. They capture the style perfectly with the distorted guitars, backing harmonies and synth work.


Gun Party – “Nothing Like A Sheep to Make You Feel Like a Wolf”
Location: Atlanta, GA
Genre: Alternative/Indie-Rock
Band Members: The Glitter Twins, Fleebo Hoss, Squeakee Cleeane, Tones, and Gary Paradise

Performers at the 2012 IMR Music Festival in April, Gun Party take very little seriously. They will tear your face off and dance on it if you let them though. Dirty guitar riffs, pounding bass lines and drums, and a male/female vocal combo that play off each other the way fellow Georgians the B-52s do. This ain’t no “Rock Lobster” though. They are currently tearing it up at SXSW and will have a video for this track sometime in April.


The Worsties – “Hey Kids”
Location: Nashville, TN
Genre: Rock
Band Members: Anna Worstell, Jesse Worstell, Jairo Ruiz, Nathan Shelton

We featured Anna Worstell as one of our Women of Indie just last week, and with vocals like this, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. This song will have a serious effect on you. It WILL cause you to move uncontrollably. The dirty guitar riffs are infectious and vocals that sound like a very pissed off Joan Jett all backed by a killer bass line and drums all come together to create and audio tsunami. Be prepared.


Kick to Kill – “Avalanche”
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Genre: Alternative/New Wave
Band Members: Dave Cook-Vocals/Guitar, Harris Hill-Synth, Lewis Macaulay-Drums/Vocals, Ewen Shearer-Bass
Record Label: Flowers in the Dustbin

Let’s take another trip back in time over in the UK. This time back to the 80’s when Bono was fighting for a more local cause and bands like The Cure, Depeche Mode and New Order ruled the day. Taking bits and pieces from the masters of the decade, Kick to Kill has created something more than nostalgic. This is fresh, something that Gahan, Smith and Curtis (Joy Division) would create if they were just starting out now.


Laurin – “Somewhere in Between”
Location: Zürich, Germany
Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic, Pop
Band members: Jonas Rohr

Laurin, AKA Jonas Rohr, channels Jack Johnson on his song “Somewhere in Between.” It is laid back, simple and easy-going. Out of Germany, this song is even more impressive when you think about the fact that English is not his first language.


The Claymores – “Perfume”
Location: Atlanta, GA
Genre: Blues Rock
Band members: Katie Espada-vocals, Garrett Tovey- guitar, Jason Stokes-Bass, Robert Powers-drums

It is fitting that we have this band this month. The trio of Tovey, Stokes and Powers create one heck of a trio. Each is obviously seasoned and they all work extremely well together. What takes this band to another level is the powerhouse vocals of Katie Espada. She does not hold back on this track and it is quite evident that she can hold her own with whatever the boys give her.


Laura Karst – “There’s No You”
Location: San Francisco, CA
Genre: Vocal Jazz
Band Members: Laura Karst-vocals; Adam Shulman-piano; Doug Pohorski-acoustic bass; Joey Niehuis-drums; Jim Schneider-tenor saxophone

Jazz is not dead, and as long as artists like Laura Karst are around, it won’t become a lost art either. If you fancy the old queens of jazz like Ella & Etta or their modern counterparts, you will love Karst’s velvety voice. She has worked with legends and performed in both groups and as a soloist. Right now, she’s all ours.


Red Light Cameras – “Why”
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Genre: Indie/Garage Rock
Band Members: Amanda Machon, Chris Walsh, Barney Lopez, Kirsten Lopez

IMR recently did a review on this quartet from New Mexico. Amanda Machon roars with the best of them, and “Why” proves it. With the Lopezes carrying the backline and Walsh providing those filthy guitar riffs, this band screams “see me live.” Check their calendar and do it.


Kat Quinn – “What Love Feels Like”
Location: New York, NY
Genre: Acoustic/Pop
Band Members: Kat Quinn

This Massachusetts native is quickly making a name for herself in the Big Apple. Peter Calo, who has worked with Carly Simon for decades, produced the recent EP release Exhale. “What Love Feels Like” is a beautiful tune that matches Quinn’s upbeat voice with a ukulele.


The Guardians – “Burlesque”
Location: Chicago, IL
Genre: Electronic
Band Members: Jessica Rodriguez, Frank De La Mora, Juny Alvarez, Andy Doyle

Seductive is the first word that comes to mind when hearing “Burlesque” for the first time. The music is reminiscent of later Depeche Mode, but when you drop the vocals in, it takes on a completely different sound. The Guardians are releasing their first album shortly, and if this track is any indication, buying it should be close to the top of your to-do list.

*** The Big Dose ***


Jessica Bell – “Long Drive Home”
Location: San Diego, CA
Genre: Folk, acoustic, ukulele
Band Members: Jessica Bell-Vocals, Ukulele; Jon Lee-Bass; Jonathan McHenry-Percussion; Jenny Pearlman-Back-up Vocals

Is it possible to be in a bad mood while listening to this song? Another ukulele song with upbeat lyrics and vocals, this is one of those songs you hear at the end of a romantic comedy as the young couple goes walking down the beach hand in hand.

There you go. Fifteen tracks…We hope you enjoy them.

The Indie Overdose Cover - Kaleb Westerlund

Kaleb Westerlund is a 9th grade student at Gloucester County Institute of Technology in NJ. and is in the National Academy of Information Technology & Digital Communication. He is also an accomplished, and dedicated musician playing electric Guitar and Bass. He has a quiet yet killer sense of humor, and is loved dearly by anyone who knows him for his quick wit and kind heart. Some of his artwork can be seen here:

Victor Alfieri

About Victor Alfieri

For Victor Alfieri, music has been in his blood from the very beginning. His father raised him on names like Plant, Morrison and Hendrix. For his mother, Motown was a religious experience. Smokey would wake him and Stevie would put him to bed. As he started collecting music of his own, it was always the artist nobody had heard of that would draw him in. He would spend countless hours in used CD and record shops scouring for hidden gems, and his friends never knew what the hell he was playing. While he makes a living as a desk jockey, his two lifelong passions are music and writing. He has covered mainstream music and has interviewed national acts, but like his early years of collecting, he has always been drawn to the hidden gems. He has helped create CD samplers that feature unsigned acts on two different websites and has worked exclusively with independent artists for the last few years. His goal, and the reason for Wordkrapht is to shine the light on amazing talent that needs to be heard. This is what he was meant to do.

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