Indie Overdose – June 2012

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I will not waste time with trivial nothings at this moment. You must know how difficult it was this week to select fifteen tracks. Musicians around the world brought their A-game this month. We received more submissions for this month’s Dose than ever. They came from six of the seven continents, and getting it down to number we could work with was difficult.

We ended up with 39 finalists this month. We had Women of Indie submit. There were Indie Acoustic winners, honorable mentions and a host of other artists. We had so much trouble coming up with just fifteen that we decided to give you TWENTY tracks!

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It just wasn’t fair, and with this group, there were still amazing tracks that didn’t make it. Hopefully we will all be seeing them again soon. But until then, please enjoy the June 2012 Indie Overdose artists:

***** The Big Dose *****

Ume – “Captive”

Location: Austin, TX
Genre: Experimental Indie / Post-Punk Rock
Band Members: Lauren Larson, Eric Larson, Rachel Fuhrer

Lauren Larson sets you up like a bowling pin with sweet vocals and then knocks you over with powerful guitar work. Currently touring with The Toadies and Helmet, Ume is one of those bands on the brink of super stardom. Catchy melodies that crackle and pop with mesmerizing musicianship; they were our favorite and I’m sure we will be hearing from them again.

Daniel Levi Goans – “BrotherStranger”
Location: Greensboro, North Carolina
Genre(s): folk, indie folk, singer/songwriter
Members: Daniel Levi Goans, Lauren Plank Goans (vocals, tambourine, harmonicas)

An IMR Indie Acoustic artist, we’ve gotten to know Daniel Levi Goans pretty well. He and Lauren Plank Goans combine to create an eerie folk song you won’t soon forget. Exploring the character and soul of humanity can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Goans explores those ideas throughout the album, but for now you will have to enjoy “BrotherStranger.”

The River Has Many Voices – “For Emily”
Location: Austin, TX
Genre: Indie folk
Band Members: Matthew Payne

Payne brings out the emotion in this track about lost love. The harmonies are both sweet and melancholy and create great audio texture in this song. Payne has created a glorious tribute to this “Emily.” I hope she heard it.

Secondhand Heart – “Trouble”
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Genre: Indie, Pop, Folk
Band Members: Jessica Carroll, Lily Parker, John Waller, Chris Duffy, Michael Hanley

Yet another in a string of extremely talented bands that we have been honored to cover here at IMR and specifically for the Dose. Secondhand Heart mix and match genres the way Rain Man (Dustin Hoffman/Tom Cruise kids. Google it) would match acorns. Carroll and company provide a soundscape that is both modern and classic simultaneously. Carroll and Parker fit together perfectly with their vocals and the lyrics scratch deeper than the surface.

David Gerard and the Watchmen – “Hesitate”
Location: North London/Cambridge, UK
Genre: Acoustic, Folk, Alternative
Band Members: Dave Gerard, James Frid, Dan Rogers

“Hesitate” is a song that burrows deep into your soul. It takes residence there as Gerard digs in the corners, fleshing out the little dust balls that hide there. Sit there and let him. It will be worth the time.

The Koniac Net – “Demure”
Location: Bombay, India
Genre: Indie, Alternative
Band Members: David Abraham

Greetings from Bombay! Abraham drops a Brothers Past-like sample to go with Cranberries-like guitar work and we are off. It’s a mix and match of classic indie sounds brought together to sound fresh and new.

Jay Pinto – “Can’t Take That Away”
Location: Issaquah, WA
Genre: Acoustic pop
Band Members: Jay Pinto

Infectious melodies and a catchy hook reel you in on “Can’t Take That Away.” Pinto is a pop craftsman and this track is proof. Just wait until you are in the elevator a few days from now and start singing the la-las at the end of the song with a knowing smile and you will see.

My Enemy Complete – “Where Are You Now?”
Location: Washington D.C.
Genre: Industrial, Alternative
Band Members: Bilaal Y, Carlo Pizarro, Brian Fasani, Tim Phillips

We reviewed My Enemy Complete’s first release when they were a trio. They have added Tim Phillips on synths and added a whole new dynamic to the band. Add the stylings of Depeche Mode, The Cure and New Order to the early Reznor-esque vibe they had established prior.

Ginger St. James – “Please Mr. Driver”
Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Genre: Blues, Alt. Country & Roots
Band Members: Ginger St. James

Our first two-time offender at the Dose, Ginger St. James makes Rock-a-billy sexy! She’s one of those singers that doesn’t just ask for your attention. She demands it. In “Please Mr. Driver,” you just know she gets where she has to go. The rest of us get to enjoy the journey with this great upbeat track that will surely get you thumping.

Rob Geer – “It Might Be”
Location: Denver, CO
Genre: Indie Folk, Folk Rock
Band Members: Rob Geer

An IMR Indie Acoustic Honorable Mention artist, Rob Geer has a voice that practically croons. You find yourself getting comfortable as he tells you to “Sit back, relax. I don’t bite.”

Melon & the Mayhem – “Fireworks”
Location: Nashville, TN
Genre: Blues, Rock, Jazz
Band Members: Mary Ellen Klein, Clay Golden, Nelson Icenhower

This trio came together just this past January, and haven’t wasted any time. Klein’s voice match Golden and Icenhower’s retro style seamlessly. “Fireworks” has that old-time feel that screams of decades gone by.

Basement Batman – “On A Streak”
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Genre: Dirtpop
Band Members: Ben Martinez, David Muehlenkamp, Will Whitney

The boys from Bushwick drop a tasty treat with “On a Streak.” The dirty bass line combined with that funky guitar riff will have you hooked in no time. That’s it. Then they’ve got you. It’s worth it. Sit down and enjoy.

Mary Jane Daniels – “Don’t You Want To Love”
Location: Old Hickory, TN
Genre: Alt-country, singer/songwriter, folk
Band Members: Jon Kipp, Mike Rakes, Brian Kees

Yes, it’s correct. We don’t know either. But once you get past the name, listen to the soulful voice. It draws you in with vulnerable power. You will want to see what else Kipp, Rakes and Kees can do.

Ready the Colours – “I’m Here Tonight”
Location: Fort Myers, FL
Genre: Dream Pop/Indie/Rock
Band Members: Dave O’Brien, Raul Cotto, Joey Bolen, Matthew Hagsten

From the opening note, this song has something that draws you in. Edge-like guitar work and emotional, almost anthemic vocals bring it home and the whole solo sequence is just icing.


Maria Quiles & Rory Cloud – “Fire in the Walls”
Location:  San Francisco, CA
Genre: Folk/Singer-songwriter
Band members: Maria Quiles & Rory Cloud
Facebook –

Starting almost spoken-word, Maria Quiles channels Joni Mitchell in “Fire in the Walls.” This emotionally charged song is one of those that you dig deep into the poetic lyrics, enjoying the written word as much as the melody that delivers it.

Helen Austin – “Love Is”
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Genre: Acoustic, folk, pop
Band Members: Helen Austin

Austin was another one of our Indie Acoustic winners. Our very own Benjamin Rathbone said that “Helen is a magician…her musical emotions are purely contagious. When she is happy, you are happy. When she is sad, you are sad.” Austin has been able to place much of her music in commercials and television. This track was featured in CW’s “One Tree Hill” twice.

Jordan Wilson – “Forever”
Location: Greenfield, Indiana
Genre: Country
Band Members: Jordan Wilson

Wilson was also an Honorable Mention artist for our Indie Acoustic issue. Straight from the heartland, he delivers a classic country love song. The lyrics are beautiful, and if this got enough exposure, it would end up being one of those wedding songs.

Harriet – “I Slept With All Your Mothers”
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Alternative Rock
Band Members: Alex Casnoff, Aaron Folb, Henry Kwapis, Adam Gunther

Self-described as “anti-motivational motivational music,” Harriet punches you in the teeth with “I Slept With All Your Mothers.” This is no schoolyard boast. The boys from Los Angeles came to play.

Sean Magwire – “Stay”
Location: Chicago, IL
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Band Members: Sean Magwire- Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano. Laurel Humiston- Cello

Magwire has a signature voice that people will remember and delivers a raw, vulnerable performance in “Stay.” Using piano, cello and the perfect build of harmonies, the listener can’t help but stop and take it in.

Likeicare – “Laputa”
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Genre: IDM/Electronic
Band Members: Luis Carreto

We finish off with a little ambient, trance music. Carreto takes it down with “Laputa;” a tune for the wee hours of the night when nothing good, and everything nasty is happening.

Twenty amazing tracks with many talented artists left out this month. We are honored and humbled by the opportunity to showcase these artists and offer them to you. Please help support them by going to their page and hearing some more. Music collections around the world are screaming for these artists. Satisfy the hunger and go get some.

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