Indie Overdose – August 2012

Things are getting chaotic here at IMR, but one of our favorite moments is when we get to put together the month’s Dose of good music for our readers. Every month we are overwhelmed with great submissions and this month was no different.

Unfortunately, we can only take so many tracks for each version of Indie Overdose. The winners in all of this are you – the reader. We hope you find these tracks as rewarding as we did when we chose them.

Listen here:

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Without further ado, here are the August, 2012 Indie Overdose artists:

***** The Big Dose *****

Pebaluna – “No, I Can’t”
Location: Long Beach, CA
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Band Members: Lauren Coleman, Matt Embree, Jessica Lankford, Jonathan Grillo

The first single off of the upcoming album Carny Life, “No I Can’t” is the highest rated track we have had for Indie Overdose. Coleman’s vocals suck you in and the subtle groove on this track doesn’t let you go. The band’s bio talks of a wide range of styles and influences. This is one heck of an introduction.

The Relative Strangers – “What’s the Weapon of Choice?”
Location: Orange County, CA
Genre: Rock
Band Members: Daniel Alcala, David Alcala, Chris Garcia, Craig Garcia

A true band of brothers, the quartet consists of the brothers Alcala and Garcia. The band is definitely influenced by the past, but not defined by it. One could pick out the various influences throughout this great track, but the boys from OC definitely make it their own. Put this fast-paced track on in the car, open the windows and let it rip!

The Beautiful Bodies – “She’s a Blast”
Location: Kansas City, MO
Genre: Indie/Punk/Dance
Band Members: Alicia Solombrino, Thomas Becker, Luis Arana, Aaron Crawford

Alicia Solombrino and the boys have played with some heavy hitters. If “She’s A Blast” is any indication, they’ll be headlining some of these big shows in the future. With fast-paced dance punk that will get your motor running, The Beautiful Bodies are on the verge of super stardom.

Ali Ingle – “Tornado”
Location: Liverpool, UK
Genre: Indie-folk, Pop
Band Members: Ali Ingle

“Tornado” is a quirky little tune you could almost hear in a TV commercial. With vocals reminiscent of David Gray and strong heartfelt lyrics, Ingle has a timeless track that you can come back to year after year.

Scams – “Pyramids”
Location: Leeds, UK
Genre: Alternative, Pop, Rock
Band Members: Andy Morgan, Jamie Macneal, Adam Fenwick, Chris Burgess

Working on a new album that will drop in October, “Pyramids” is a glimpse into the world of Scams. Heavy with Brit-pop and 80’s new wave influences, Morgan, Macneal, Fenwick and Burgess have quite the tasty morsel with this offering.

Youth of the Beast – “Shotgun Army”
Location: California
Genre: Alternative, Rock
Band Members: Adrian Symcox, Blake Craver

With vocals that sound like Bowie and a retro feel, “Shotgun Army” is a song that will not be content with just playing in the background. It will command your attention and you will be thankful.

Max Jared – “We’re All Connected”
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Genre: Pop, acoustic, folk, funk
Band Members: Max Jared

With John Butler-like guitar playing, Jason Mraz’s vocal stylings and Jack Johnson’s environmental insight, Max Jared has all the ingredients for a drink that will pack quite a punch. This environmental anthem has a little bit of everything and will not leave you bored.

The Vineyard – “Docks”
Location: Charlotte, NC
Genre: Alternative, Indie Rock
Band Members: Michael Valeri, Danielle Souder

This is a song that sneaks up on you. The more you listen to it, the more interesting it gets. The dual vocals of Valeri and Souder work well, but it is her voice that catches you. Valeri handles all of the instrumentation duties and the early U2-like drums work well under the floating harmonies.

These City Limits – “A Different Shade of Red”
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Genre: Rock, Alternative, Power Pop
Band Members: Randy Vanderbilt, Brian Nichols, Adam Wilson

This power pop trio has been around the block a time or two. Claiming they have 45 years experience in the music business combined, they have definitely learned how to put together that tricky tune that rides the line between power pop and cheese. Not every track like this needs to be on the American Pie Soundtrack. Some of them deserve better. Enter These City Limits…

Varjen – “Shoreline Weeks”
Location: Sweden
Genre: Indie Folk
Band Members: Niklas Sibelius

Here’s your language lesson for the day. “Varjen” is Swedish for “The Wolf.” Sibelius has done extremely well in creating this quintessential indie-folk track. Unassuming guitar work, deep lyrics, vulnerable vocals and just enough accompaniment to accentuate his playing provide all the right highlights in “Shoreline Weeks.”

Frenamie – “Self-Obsession”
Location: Baltimore, MD
Genre: Rock
Band Members: Allison Taylor, Nick Taylor, Whitney Wakme, Abs

Self-described as “ugly music for pretty people,” Frenamie delivers raw rock at its finest. With funkified guitar riffs that rip your face off and female vocals that are anything but dainty, put away the good china. Frenamie is about to trash the place, and we like it!

Jakob Deist – “Here Now”
Location: Essex, UK
Genre: Folk, Indie Folk
Band Members: Jakob Diest, Steve McGeary, Kirill Teslia

Originally armed with just an acoustic guitar, Jakob Deist has brought on a couple musicians to round out the sound. While previously successful, this will be a big boost going forward. “Here Now” still features Deist’s vocals and guitar work, but the added rhythm section creates the perfect back drop for his talents.

Gambit – “This Town”
Location: Long Island, NY
Genre: Indie Pop
Band Members: Lyle Kamesaki, Jeff Ballantyne, Dave Kaplan, Justin Parker

It isn’t every day you get a submission from someone who went to Harvard, worked in finance and gave it all up to chase after their passions. Welcome to the story of Lyle Kamesaki and Gambit. We think he made the right choice. Chasing after your dreams CAN have positive results!


Girls Guns and Glory – “Mary Anne”
Location: Boston, MA
Genre: Americana
Band Members: Ward Hayden, Josh Kiggans, Chris Hersch, Paul Dilley

Musically, “Mary Anne” combines all the best features of old school rock and country. The vocals are reminiscent of a young Roy Orbison or the Moody Blues in some way. There is one thing that is definite. This is a beer drinking tune. Hit the bar, find jukebox, grab a pint or six and let it go!

Soapbox Army – “Mountain”
Location: New York, New York
Genre: Rock
Band Members: Dan Tucker, Pheroze Karai, Bill McBreen, Simon Fishburn

Upon first listen to “Mountain,” the track and band sound very close to an extremely under rated rock band of the 90’s – Tonic. Straight forward rock with anthemic vocals built for large audiences and a more than solid rhythm section drive this track. When you add in the guitar riffs that drift in and out, you have one of those tracks that can be listened to over and over.

There you have it – fifteen new tracks for your collection. Tell your friends, call your mother, slip a note to your server. They should all get in on these great songs. As always, please support these great independent artists. They need your support and love, so spread it like that rumor about your cousin…

Victor Alfieri

About Victor Alfieri

For Victor Alfieri, music has been in his blood from the very beginning. His father raised him on names like Plant, Morrison and Hendrix. For his mother, Motown was a religious experience. Smokey would wake him and Stevie would put him to bed. As he started collecting music of his own, it was always the artist nobody had heard of that would draw him in. He would spend countless hours in used CD and record shops scouring for hidden gems, and his friends never knew what the hell he was playing. While he makes a living as a desk jockey, his two lifelong passions are music and writing. He has covered mainstream music and has interviewed national acts, but like his early years of collecting, he has always been drawn to the hidden gems. He has helped create CD samplers that feature unsigned acts on two different websites and has worked exclusively with independent artists for the last few years. His goal, and the reason for Wordkrapht is to shine the light on amazing talent that needs to be heard. This is what he was meant to do.

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