IMR Magazine’s first podcast with Planet Rawk! Also, some awesome new bands!

Verge of Bliss JAMMING at the XMAS party.

Verge of Bliss JAMMING at the XMAS party.

This past Friday, IMR Magazine had the chance to head to the XMAS show and catch three awesome bands; Verge of Bliss, Planet Rawk, and Strange Planet.  If you haven’t been to the house in Atlanta, we strongly suggest it!

Up first was Verge of Bliss; The Atlanta-based power-trio’s sound is best described as psychedelic rock with a sultry and POWERFUL female lead singer.  Virginia Bliss, the bands lead singer & bass player, has some amazing vocal ability similar to the late Janis Joplin mixed with current rock-star Aja Volkman of Nico Vega.  Their songs range from mid-tempo and slow powerful psychedelic rock ballads, to drum-charged & HEAVY 70-ish-sounding beats fueled by drummer Stuart Gussman.  High-point during the show was when Virginia put down her bass guitar in exchange for a tambourine, and husband, Trey Bliss, changed his Gibson axe to a beautiful semi-hollow body twelve string guitar to play their original called “Brown Thrasher.”  The break from bass-playing allowed Virginia to concentrate on her vocals which had occasionally seemed “off” earlier in the night.  By far, it was the best song of the night!  Verge of Bliss, keep doing what you are doing and work on your set.  Its great, but could be much better.  Oh, and keep performing “Immigrant Song” by Zeppelin; considering you are only a three-piece, you guys nailed it!

Planet RAWK brings the heat at the XMAS party.

Planet RAWK brings the heat at the XMAS party.

Up next was Planet RAWK who can be described as a blend of hip-hop, rap, and rock with a touch of finesse added by Fabula Fate; a solo artist & guest vocalist who reeled in everyone’s ear to her smooth voice.   This high-energy five-piece band consists of lead vocals, bass, guitar, drums, and Fabula on extra vocal parts.  Their large sound is also enhanced by programming made by lead vocalist and the brainchild behind Planet RAWK, Charlie Ahanotu.  Throughout their set, their songs ranged from dance rock, to laid-back & hard rap songs with heavy lyrics like,

“Blow my brains out like Kurt Cobain
Blow my brains out like Kurt Cobain
Blow my brains out like Kurt Cobain
Blow my brains our like Kurt Cobain”

With words like that, we had to ask, “Why?”.  Immediately following their jaw-dropping set, we had a chance to get the band together and ask exactly that in our first-ever IMR Magazine podcast!  Below, you can listen to the full interview and find out more about the band.  As far as their set, we had to say it was great highlight of the night.  Keep doing what you guys are doing!

Drummer, Troy Wolf, grooves for Strange Planet and the awesome crowd at the house for their XMAS Party.

Drummer, Troy Wolf, grooves for Strange Planet and the awesome crowd at the house for their XMAS Party.

And, finally, we were on to our third artist of the night, Strange Planet; Another power-trio full of rock!  Kenny B, lead singer & guitar player, directed the night’s unique & catchy melodies by SHREDDING on his guitar in between choruses.  Kenny’s tenor voice slipped perfectly in and out of falsetto adding to the barrage of melodic rock songs.  Bass player Jeff York and drummer Troy Wolf followed along to the dance filled rock-grooves all night while singing harmonies along with Kenny.

Strange Planet’s music can be best described as pop-rock with a touch of progressive & punk.  Their show is fast-paced with songs blending uniquely into each other leaving the listener happy and ready to dance to the next song.  Towards the end of their set, Atlanta’s own sexy-soulful voice, Prisca, snuck on stage to join in the high-harmony duties.  After the song, Kenny noted on the mic, “I heard this amazing voice and thought, ‘Wow, Jeff is sounding great on the harmonies tonight!’, but looked over and saw Prisca and realized exactly what was happening.”  It was surely a site to see!

Strange Planet, you were a perfect end to the night; fun, up-beat, and most importantly; TIGHT!  Your sound is rehearsed, your music and lyrics are catchy, and we look forward to seeing your next few performances.  Please keep us in the loop about your shows and keep doing what you are doing as it seems to be working.

All-in-all, it was a great night, and you can guarantee that we will be catching more shows at the house.  Thanks to Adam, Chris, and Lauren of for supporting the local Atlanta music scene by giving artists a venue to play at an providing this awesome talent FOR FREE.  To get a little more of a glimpse into the night, be sure to listen to our new podcast below and check out for more shows coming up.

Our rating: 3.5/5 stars

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