Getting a Nibble of Some Live Tasting Grace

Everyone loves a compelling concert that they can just “rock out” to. Well, you’re in for a treat when you attend a live performance played by none other than Tasting Grace. Being around since 2006 has definitely given them a foot in to the music industry and time to perfect their already gifted musical talent. Recently, Tasting Grace played their “Rocks to Make a Difference” benefit show for Chris and Dani Houck, who tragically lost everything they loved in a house fire this summer in Seaside Heights, NJ. This benefit show was hosted at the River Rock Grille in Brick, NJ on Saturday November 5, 2011. Their undeniable chemistry and energy on stage shows us that they were born to perform!

To successfully fuse old-fashioned Rock n’ Roll and pop culture glamour takes great skill, which is what each of these band members possess. Lead vocals and guitar player Jenna “Grace” Milano brings a combination of charisma and beauty that can dazzle anyone watching or listening. Then putting Drew Leeds on lead guitar, Willy Toledo on bass and Johnny Rox on drums how can you not be blown away? Their stage presence brings to you a show that is not just entertaining musically but visually too. They add a bit of theatre to their performance which can be said to separate them from your average concert. Tasting Grace is a flawless experience all their own.

Listening to Tasting Grace is like taking Evanescence, 30 Seconds to Mars and Linkin Park and molding them together to formulate a sound that is euphoric to your ears. “Hold my Breath” is just one example of how wildly sensual their music can be. The rhythm just makes your body want to never stop moving. Surely everyone has had the feeling of losing control with that special someone. With just one touch, your body reacts and all you can do is just hope that it isn’t a dream. This song brings out the force and feeling by describing it through exceptionally crafted lyrics.

Bringing out the hard rock and pop side of their music is what the song “No Regrets” is renowned for. It’s one of their most popular songs and without doubt a song that pumps fans up! The lyrics brings a certain empowerment to listeners all over that may have gone through a tough time and know that eventually everything will be okay. Its songs like this that bring out the strength in people that might be hidden down deep inside and guide you to a better place.

Their passion and their closeness to one another, makes this band unstoppable. One thing that is unquestionably identified with Tasting Grace is they want to rock this world out. “People lose their hunger and become stagnant,” says Jenna as she’s describing how some bands forget where they come from while on the road to success. With being self-funded, it makes this particular road slightly more difficult and we have to commend them on their hard work and dedication to the one dream they all have in common; to make a difference with their music. “Overcoming feeds your soul,” perfectly stated by Tasting Grace to prove to all of us that, they have went through their rough times but are still doing a remarkable job by making it in this difficult industry. So without hesitation, check them out on Facebook, Youtube, iTunes, Myspace, Twitter and on their website Needless to say, this is just the beginning of Tasting Grace. Look out world, here they come!


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