Defying Silence – 3 Song EP

In what is presumably their first release, Defying Silence have put out a three song demo EP that, while lacking in production value, makes up for it with a punchy sense of commitment to shoving the songs down a listener’s throat.

The first track on the EP is “You Don’t Understand” which is a blistering, metal grind in which singer Brian Atha pours his soul out into the songs scathing title-refrain.  The song is also a good showcase for guitarist Jake O’Donnell who lets rip an almighty shredder of a solo in this one.

The second song on the EP is “Open Your Eyes,” which opens with a pretty buildup that kicks off into a groovy nu- metal dirge, under soulful vocals and almost sounds like a more metalized version of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  The song has a Zeppelin-esque middle break that shows that when they choose to, Defying Silence can leave the emo/indie aspects of their sound behind and rock out old school style.

Next up is “Holding Me Back,” which has more of a gradual build than the first two songs, and lets the band showcase the more ambient, trance-like side aspects of their sound, which they intersperse with their ear splitting, nu-metal grind.  Not as hooky as the first two, this song nonetheless provides a suitably heavy closer for the three songs included here.

Defying Silence are a tight band that have got their chops down.  Their blend of metal, indie and emo is obviously a style that goes over well in certain quarters these days.  These guys would seem to have the chops to do the business.  Were they to try and develop an album around these three songs the band would do well to temper the intensity with a a dash of musicality.  Part of the reason such raging past-masters as Soundgarden and Nirvana were so successful is because they dressed up their intensity as angry pop music which gave them access to a mass audience.  Perhaps for Defying Silence there’s some inspiration to take there.

Artist:  Defying Silence

Album Name: – Self-titled EP
Genre(s) – Rock
Hometown, Country – Atlanta, GA, USA
Band Members & Instruments – Brian Atha – Vocals, Jake O’Donnell – Guitar, Adam Plato – Bass, Josh Fulcher – Drums
Date album released – 11/27/2010
Label (if any.) – none
Website/Myspace/Facebook & Contact Information –,
Rating:  2.5/5 Stars!!!

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