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Dan Grimm is back with his second country EP, Ventucky, released earlier this year. The singer and songwriter is currently living in California and considers his sound to be “flip-floppytonk” or “rock ‘n’ roll with a little bit of country soul”. His five track EP is great for any country lover out there who has an old soul. If you love music that you can just close your eyes to, while blasting it through your headphones, this EP is perfect for you.

The EP title track Ventucky gives off that chill country vibe. It is a great way to start off an album, giving the listeners a warm feeling as they chant “Down in Ventucky” with Dan Grimm. Skeletor is up next and it shows off more of Dan Grimm’s husky voice while blending in perfectly with the background instrumentals. The song opens up with just the instrumentals; the strum of the guitar and beats from the drum. It is a smooth rhythm that makes you want to bob your head and take in the beat entirely.  It is a great track and can easily become a favorite to a first time listener. The third track off the EP is called 300 Beers and it is more upbeat than the previous song. Lyrics like “300 beers and five dollars a head. That’s what it takes to earn ‘round 20 percent,” can make it obvious that it is not lyrically strong. It is a fun track to listen to but it is not the same material as the other songs. 5th of July begins with Dan Grimm counting his band in before they start to play. It is a clever way to make you feel like you are listening live rather than to an EP. The rest of the song is about a girl leaving and him pleading for her to stay. If you are the hopeless romantic type, this song is something you will definitely want to give a listen to. Last but not least, Dan Grimm ends the EP with Two Trees.  He sings “I love this city, two trees and the sun. This town’s like family, it’s always a favourite song, here comes another one” which talks about his hometown. It is an awesome way to end the album with a song that is happy and easy to sing along to. You can hear it in Dan Grimm’s voice as well as he sings his story and memories about Ojai.

Dan Grimm did a fantastic job with the Ventucky EP. It definitely shows the rock ‘n’ roll with a little bit of country soul. It is an EP that every country lover out there should get their hands on and listen to. For more information on Dan Grimm, please check out his official website.


Artist: Dan Grimm
Album: Ventucky
Rating: 3/5
Release Date: February 27th, 2013
Genre: Country
Location: Ojai, California
Members: Dan Grimm, Jesse Siebenberg, Marco Perez, Eric Sachs, Jonathan McEuen, Todd Hannigan and Dave Palmer.
Website: http://www.danisgrimm.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DanGrimmBand
Twitter :http://www.twitter.com/Dansgrimm
Bandcamp: http://www.dangrimm.bandcamp.com/

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