Cory Taylor Cox: We Made These Sounds Together

What comes to mind when you hear the following: Mississippi Gypsy Rock & Roll / Southern Indie? Quite a picture can be painted with those few words, and nothing will come close to what Cory Taylor Cox and his band have created. He describes his sound as Mississippi Gypsy Rock & Roll/ Southern Indie and while descriptions are great, nothing compares to listening for yourself. We Made These Sounds Together is a seven-song masterpiece that will wow even the most persnickety ear.

Everything about the album seems deliberate and meticulously planned and executed. Each song has it’s own story to tell, yet they all fit together to serve one purpose; to show Cox knows how to make good music. His songs have this ability to stay in your brain, swirl around and leave you in a dream-like trance.

Like a drive on a dark country dirt road, some of the songs have an eerie feel to them. The album’s first track, “Graves” is a powerful beginner with heavy hitting drums (compliments of Tyler Baker) and a sort of hypnotizing guitar riff that plays repeatedly in the background. Cox’s vocals are haunting throughout. It’s a terrific way to set the mood for the rest of the songs.

The rest of the album has wonderfully descriptive lyrics woven throughout indie melodies. His story telling abilities will have anyone listening hanging on each word he sings anticipating what he will say next.

“Crystal Power” is a hidden gem among slower-tempo songs. At just under two minutes long (1:59 to be exact)this song is filled with chanting, hand clapping and all sorts of dancy-indie goodness.

Some movies and albums are so good that once it’s over you may want to watch it (hear it) again to see what was missed the first time. We Made These Sounds Together is no different. After the seven songs are over, the listener is going to want to press play and start it from the beginning. WIth each new listen something different will pop out and grab you. The only thing wrong with the album is there aren’t enough songs!

Rating: 4/5 Stars!

Album: We Made These Sounds Together
Release Date: May, 2011
Genre(s): Mississippi Gypsy Rock & Roll / Southern Indie
Location: Nashville, TN
Members: Cory Taylor Cox – Vocals & Guitar, Desmond Smith – Guitar, JB Clark – Bass, Tyler Baker – Drums & Percussion,
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