Checking Out Sweet Oblique

SWEET OBLIQUE, should rename themselves as SWEET UNIQUE. The Tampa band that formed in 2010, have been making their incredible music presence on the alternative/rock scene.

The band have resurrected the 90’s grunge sound and have paired it up with a melodramatic rock vibe. The change between these sounds can be heard on their 3 track demo, which is featured on their site:

The technique that the band have used, allows them to dramatically change their musical style from track to track and it seems to come natural to them. The band, who met whilst they were pushing themselves into the bathroom of a bar in Tampa whilst whistling the same tune, believed it was their destiny from then on that they should produce music.

“Only Way I See You” is a track that’s classy, dark and seductive. The intensity of the track is tremendously powerful, that leads on to an exciting build up from the lead guitarist on several occasions. Major musical influences come across on this track from British band The Verve. The intro is very similar to that of The Verve’s track “Catching the Butterfly.”

It’s simply seducing every listener into wanting to hear more. It showcases the outstanding lead vocals from ANGEL SHEPPARD.” Only Way I See” has that distinctive British Rock sound to it.

“Easy” could essentially be labelled as more of an instrumental track with the lack of vocals used. However this isn’t a bad thing. It’s a beautiful piece of music that screams out perfection. It is totally different to anything you will listen to on the demo, literally spell binding.

“Play to Win” allows singer ANGEL to show off the vocals that labelled her as “an amazing vocalist and lyricist who provides the perfect blend of heartfelt emotion and vitality to each song.” The edginess and rawness of these vocals are not overpowered by the mixture of talented guitar riffs. As well as also having a NIRVANA-esque sound to it, other noticeable musical influences come across on this track. Vocal-wise, they can easily be compared to SHIRLEY MANSON (singer from the Alternative/Rock band GARBAGE) whose band also started off on the underground scene. The rawness of the track recreates that 90’s era, when it was all about living for the weekend and enjoying proper rock/ live music. It’s potentially the best track on the demo and is destined for huge things.

So if you are into your 90’s rock then this is certainly a band to watch out for. I have given SWEET OBLIQUE 3/5 stars, a demo that is very dark and seductive a must for every music lover.

Location: Tampa, FL
Genre: Alternative/Grunge
Members: Angel S-lead vocals/keys, Chuck C-bass/vocals, pboss-guitars/vocals/keys
Record Label: Sell Fish Records


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