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Baby Baby is a young band with a young sound from Atlanta, GA. Their spirit seems to be distilled from the basements of frat parties,  the hipster bar scene, and summer pool parties. It comes off as wild, chaotic, and fun. With songs like “Instead Of Spending My $20 On The Blink 182 Reunion Show I Took You Out On A Date And You Never Returned My Phone Call So Don’t Ever Expect To Eat Free Shrimp Scampi Again Bitch!” and “$” you can tell this band does not take life as seriously as the rest of us, and they are obviously having more fun that way.

“Fire” is an entertaining track about getting some attention from girls. It starts with guitar playing a short catchy riff  repeated by the bass and eventually used as the melody for the lyrics of the verse. Lead singer Fontez Brooks sings about getting caught looking at a flame and ask “Don’t you think we fly?” A danceable chorus of “Set my heart on fire” enters with rapid hi-hats and bass, wailing unison vocals, and loud distorted guitar. In the bridge, Fontez addresses the girl in a whisper, reminding her who she is “dealing with.” The song ends by reprising the untamed chorus and fading out on sustain and cymbals.

Many of the other songs on the album are slow to develop, spending excess time on short themes only used in the intro and establishing feel by building the number of instruments behind the motive. The closing track “Nothing To Lose” has such a long music-less intro that it sounds like noise until the band enters at 45 seconds. However, the track ends up being worth the ride taking you into a desperate bank robbery in which band members bicker back and forth until the cops are called and a blood bath ensues.

Keep your sense of humor handy while listening to this album. The band’s reckless style leaves little room for the straight laced listener.  You can find out more on Facebook and listen to the whole album on Bandcamp.

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