The 2012 “Women of Indie” Artists – The best indie women from around the world.

Posted: Saturday, March 16th, 2012 at 6:43pm.

Hello indie music fans, friends, and lovers of IMR Magazine!

Tonight’s magazine issue is sure to be IMR Magazine’s biggest & greatest issue to date; Over four months ago, we started the search for the world’s greatest “women of indie” and now, after listening through a total of 2242 submissions from over 56 countries, all fifty US states, and almost every single genre imaginable, we have found twenty-five “women of indie” who exemplify what it takes to be a woman in the global indie music community.

Artists that are featured in tonight’s magazine issue should be held in the highest regard as they have the distinction of being recognized over Grammy award nominees & winners, Rolling Stone Magazine features, VH1 artists, MTV artists, and major festival headliners who did not get picked for this opportunity.  So, without further ado, we are pleased to present you with our 2012 “Women of Indie” IMR Magazine issue.

Also, be sure to check out our “honorable mention list” at the end of the page.


On the cover:

Fiona Bevan


London, UK

Our Women of Indie issue has been an absolute whirlwind for those of us at IMR. We anticipated maybe 100-200 submissions tops when we first discussed this idea. The response was over ten times that; quite overwhelming when you think about it. Over 2,100 submissions to go through to give us 25 Women of Indie.

If you have listened to any of the women we have covered over the last few days, you know that we found some absolutely amazing talent. Brilliant women from different styles and various walks of life, but they all had one thing in common: tremendous drive to be heard.

2,100 submissions…25 female artists…one cover. How do you decide which one deserves it over the others? It is no simple task. Which is why we are so proud to have Fiona Bevan as the cover artist for Women of Indie!!! You will not confuse this artist with any of the others. With a singing voice as distinctive as James Earl Jones speaks, and a sound that is equal part theatrics and music, she has set herself apart from the pack.

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Caroline Savoie

Blues/Ballads/Adult Contemporary

Moncton, NB, Canada

We have a proposal for our readers.  Let’s take a trip to Canada near the “hub city” of Moncton, New Brunswick to a growing town of ~25,000 called Dieppe.  Why?  Because, in Dieppe, we will discover a seventeen year old songstress with a uniquely powerful voice who churns out new songs as if she was in a songwriting race.  Amassing over sixty songs in her comparatively short songwriting career, Caroline Savoie is already on track to carve out a very wide songwriting path in which female artists from Eastern Canadian should follow.

In October of 2011 while still attending École Mathieu-Martin high school, Savoie released her latest EP Just Sayin’ containing five of her best tracks recorded with a full studio band and studio-session-quality musicians.  The album is surely one of our greatest listens yet.  We had the ultimate pleasure of speaking with Caroline this week for an exclusive interview…

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Tess Henley


Seattle, WA

“The music scene can be described as a rather fickle instrument, unless there are finely tuned musicians to keep things professional and fresh. After a surge of repetitive pop music and sultry dance beats it seems like things have gotten a little stale and out of tune. The idea of music, which as most people knows consists of a large number of styles and genres, has increasingly become limited to mainstream habits of sticking to a few, less traditional varieties. It’s no wonder that without that coveted number one radio hit so many artists fall in line, either pushing to create that hit or trying their best to get passed it doing what they know and love. Tess Henley, a finely tuned musician herself, managed to push through that mainstream line, setting off a few radars and turning heads; and not a moment too soon.”

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Gina Sicilia


Newtown, PA

“Sit down. Relax. Brace yourself. This is not your average singer. From the very first word that she sings, you know this is special. This is Gina Sicilia.

This 27 year old Philadelphia native has a powerhouse voice that just oozes the blues. To call her a blues artist though, would be like painting a picture using half the colors of the rainbow. To offer the full palate, you’d have to recognize that there are folk, soul and Americana references throughout her work.

Sicilia released her first album Allow Me To Confess in 2007 and has found success ever since. She was a 2008 Blues Music Award Nominee for “Best New Artist” and has been nominated twice for a Blues Blast Music Award. Her current release, Can’t Control Myself, hit #1 on Amazon Hot New Releases for Contemporary Blues.”

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Stacey Randol

Alternative/Pop/Folk Rock

Nashville, TN

Rich melodies, poetic lyrics and a velvety smooth voice join together to create one thing: beautiful and sunny music. Stacey Randol is a singer-songwriter who grew up listening to The Beatles with her dad and singing in church on Sundays. She also LOVES the beach. Randol takes her love for the beach and combines that with indie-folk melodies and what is produced is something magical. So grab a towel, get your umbrella drink, and watch your worries melt away with Stacey Randol.

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Other featured Women of Indie:

Maren Morris

Indie/Folk Rock/Country

Arlington, TX

When artists in any genre are interviewed at some point they are asked, “What’s your genre?” Sometimes it is hard to put the nail on the head and declare yourself pure rock or pure country. The Maren Morris Band’s front woman singer/songwriter Maren Morris transcends may musical genres including country, pop, rock, and blues. In their third album, Live Wire, released in March, 2011, she wrote the lyrics, plays a mean acoustic guitar and co-produced the album. She’s a jack of all trades!

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Geri X

Rock/Indie/Folk Rock

St. Petersburg, FL

In a world filled with generic music and pop packaged artists, Geri X is a breath of fresh air.  A force to be reckoned with, she pours her heart and soul into her music.  Writing music is second nature for Geri and she dedicates her time to bringing her passionate expression to her fans.

Born in Bulgaria, Geri X grew up in the United States as a free spirited artist.  She is intense, genuine, and original.  She holds nothing back as she crafts her music.  Geri began her musical journey in the Tampa Bay music scene but is quickly spreading her name all across the country.

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Dylan, Jane, and Mandy of The Heathers


Tempe, AZ

What do you get when you combine strong-minded females that have a love for playing metal? The Heathers! These girls exude confidence, and talent. Bringing their own style of metal for the world to hear, they are a force to be dealt with. Fresh from the Valley of the Sun, The Heathers are bringing even more heat to this hot state. They’ve only been together for 10 months but their sound is so established and clean it sounds like they have been together 10 years.  The musicianship in this band is fantastic. They each know their strengths, and use them to their maximum abilities. This two-song sampler shows off how hard these girls can rock and will leave you begging for more. Their music is fresh, and exciting. Even those who are not normally fans of metal with find The Heathers’ music appealing.

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Photo Credit Chris MarleyLauren Gibson & Micah Silverman of Today The Moon Tomorrow The Sun


Atlanta, GA

Nothing says “we believe in you!” more than fans putting up their hard earned money to help you realize your dreams.  Through a campaign on Kickstarter, fans of Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun helped Lauren, Micah, Cregg and Jeremy build Wildfire, a twelve song LP of pure musical gold.  Because of their fans’ support and their band’s charismatic talent, Lauren and Micah of Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun were chosen to be featured in our Women of Indie issue.

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Photo by Will HollandAnna Worstell of Five Knives


Nashville, TN

Next up in our Women of Indie lineup is Anna Worstell, who has extended her claws in

the form of her new band, Five Knives, from Nashville, Tennessee.  Don’t let the location fool you, this band won’t be twanging about their lost dogs and front porches.  Lead singer Anna Worstell is a vocal powerhouse that looks like the pretty little kitty you want to take home, but pet her the wrong way and you’ll likely lose an eye.  Five Knives new EP Refaire features six in your face tracks that showcase not only Anna’s vocal ability, but her lyrical prowess as well.

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Mycah Chevalier

Jazz/Soul/Adult Contemporary

Bethesda, MD

Picture yourself in a low lit jazz club somewhere deep in the city, sipping on a cocktail, swaying to the beat of the percussion and closing your eyes as you hear a saxophone’s solo.  Then you hear an angelic, soothing voice accompany the music.  That voice you hear is Mycah Chevalier.  If jazz, soul, or blues is your cup of tea, then Ms. Chevalier is just what the doctor ordered.  Born in Washington, D.C., she began her professional career at the tender age of five and through the years has shared the stage with several legends like Patti Labelle and Luther Vandross.

After years of various musical studies and experiences, Mycah released her debut album,Roux’s Fantasy, in 2008 with the singles “Forgiveness” and “Back N Forth” getting constant spins in major radio markets like New York and Philadelphia. When listening toRoux’s Fantasy you’ll find yourself being whisked away from life’s day-to-day struggles to Mycah’s own musical paradise.

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Crystal Yates

Singer-Songwriter/Pop/Soul/Alt Country

McKinney, TX

We live in a time and place where we are constantly bombarded with negativity and worry from countless angles. There are individuals who play victim to such oppressions and then there are individuals who refuse to be governed by such fears. I believe that the resilience and devotion of these select individuals carries humanity as a whole. Like so many other inspiring artists out there, Crystal Yates is one of these people. If you ever need to recalibrate your understanding of the importance of music and art, imagine the status of the human psyche without.

Crystal Yates is one of those artists and musicians who understands the responsibilities of being a writer and musician. There is no denying that music is one of the most influential and universal languages that there is. The other one is love. Crystal Yates’ album, Love Wins is the perfect amalgamation of the two.

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Kelly Lee Keel

Americana/Stupid (yes, that is the genre…we don’t think her music is stupid at all

Norfolk, VA

Epiphany: noun, \ih-pif-uh-nee\ : a moment of great or sudden revelation.

Sometimes in life, an epiphany can save our lives when we are down. Singer-songwriter Kelly Lee Keel is no exception. Keel has been though a lot in her short 27-year-old life. She had her epiphany in 2011 and fought and luckily won her battle with drug addiction and alcoholism. She began playing her dusty guitar, that she hadn’t played in years, in the months after quitting and hasn’t stopped since. Her experience in life has fueled that fire in her music and her lyrics. Her lyrics are honest and sometimes sound like a pissed off woman who has been treated awfully by a past love.

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Shanti Curran of Arborea

Alternative/Folk Rock/Experimental

Lewiston, ME

“In 2005, a small band formed in Maine. Over the years, they built a sound which rings with echoes of the forest, the coast, hard rain, chilling breezes, and long long days coming to a close with cloudy evenings. Their group is Arborea, a husband-and-wife duo comprised of Shanti and Buck Curran. So far, few are lucky enough to know this. With their most recent album, Red Planet, that may change.

There is an inherent mourning in the fabric of this album, like old Celtic tunes full of the famous abiding sense of tragedy that the Irish are said to have carried for ages. Sometimes it’s right there on the sheet, written out in detail. But lyrical content aside, Red Planet is simply swelling with a sorrowful ambiance.”

(read more…)

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Katha Harris


Nashville, TN

As we work through all the submissions and winners for this Women of Indie issue, it has been a true honor to hear such amazing talent. Katha Harris is just another example of the unbelievable artists that are out there just waiting for music lovers to find them.

Upon first listen to her EP Freeway, the assumption is this is an extremely talented country artist working out of the beautiful city of Nashville. I could sit here and make comparisons to artists like Reba, Martina, Carrie, Miranda & Taylor. However, upon listening to these tracks a few more times, it would be a gross injustice to just call her a “country artist.”

… read more 




Peoria, AZ

“Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, Yasko is trying to make it in a genre where women are rarely well represented.  As her debut album title, Flight Risk, says, she does nothing but take risks.  Not only does Yasko take risks with her brutally honest and clever lyrics, but there are many risks with her music, as well.  Many of her tracks showcase hit, popular songs of yesterday and today in the samples.  The risk in using popular songs as samples is that many could pigeon hole this as unoriginal.  If anything, Yasko is being creative by incorporating her own lyrics to these popular songs.  Most of the time this helps an artist like Yasko to gain a bigger audience because music fans enjoy the original song that comes from the sampler, so they will most likely enjoy the rapper’s take on the song, as well.  If anything, it’s like listening to an overplayed song for the first time.”

(read more…)

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Charlotte Mishell

Spoken Word

Queens, NY

“I fantasize about divorcing my real life, and running away to be a writer.”

Too many people see spoken word as the poor man’s rap. An art reserved for kitschy coffee shop parlors with blurry black-and-white portraits on the walls. Reserved for latte-wielding teenagers with a grande-sized cup of angst. Well, I’m here to tell you there’s a lot more to it than that. The world of spoken word poetry is one that has remained thoroughly underground, but that does not mean it can’t be heard – it’s louder than ever in New York City, and Charlotte Mishell has got to be one of its loudest voices.

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Maddy Walsh of The Blind Spots


Ithaca, NY

“When looking at some of the great “Women of Indie,” it’s easy to see a list of talented solo artists, but let us introduce The Blind Spots front woman, Maddy Walsh.  While she has never had any formal vocal training, music has always been a part of Maddy’s life.  As a child, artists such as Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin inspired her.  She grew up on a healthy dose of Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, and Cyndi Lauper.  Today she finds inspiration from musicians such as Bjork, My Morning Jacket, and The Cars.

The Blind Spots hail from Ithaca, NY and have been playing together for several years.  After releasing their debut album El Camino Dream in early 2010, the band hit the ground running.  Dreams don’t come easy and The Blind Spots have poured their heart and soul into becoming one of the best indie bands out there.  Constantly touring, rehearsing, and writing help make this band who they are, one of the hardest working acts in the industry.  The Blind Spots consist of Maddy Walsh (vocals), Mike Suave (guitar), Captain Doobie Zuben (keys), Francois Dillinger (bass), and Jeff Turback (drums).”

(read more)

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Galynne Goodwill


Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Galynne’s smooth & pure voice along with her groovy & soulful songs of awakening, change, and love are a fresh breath of air for any listener.  A lifetime musician in the Midwest who is now settled in the wonderful rapids of Wisconsin, she continues to write songs that inspire change, incite hope, and give light to changing relationships.  Playing upwards of 150 shows each year and performing with her husband (and amazing studio drummer) Mark Riggenbach, they make the perfect gigging team.

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Callie Shea Sullivan

Alternative/Indie Rock/Pop

Avon Lake, OK

“Self-reflective, exploratory and always offering something new; Avon Lake, Ohio’s Callie Shea Sullivan shares her stories of both pain and growth emphatically with her powerful and virtually pitch-perfect voice. Her music is meticulously planned and she does not hesitate to use lots of instrumental harmonies to emphasize the emotional theme of each of her songs. Rather than seeing its limitations, she uses the verse-chorus-verse method to her advantage, adding a little “something” to each verse that makes it feel larger and more momentous than before. Her music takes the listener through a myriad of influences and settings to create anywhere from a power-pop-like “anthemic” feeling to a calm and reflective lull.”

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Emily Wryn


Lompac, CA

Head on Straight is the haunting and enchanting debut from 23-year-old Californian Emily Wryn. This album is going to turn heads and make people take notice. Writing since the tender age of 13, Emily Wryn is destined for greatness. Her dynamic vocals are the perfect expression for her lyrics about love lost, and love gained. Her music feels like it could be the soundtrack to a heart-breakingly beautiful independent movie, only the music would outshine the actors.

Head on Straight features a lot of plucking and strumming on the acoustic guitars, violins, and bass. Going back to Wryn’s vocals, at times she’s very breathy and whisper like, other times her voice is soaring. Whatever she does though, it sounds wonderful. Her confidence oozes through her music, giving her the same presence as many of the great female singer and songwriters that came before her.”

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Rachel Koller


Santaquin, UT

“Picture yourself in your car, all of the windows rolled down and the volume blasting your favorite song on the radio. The sun is shining and you really don’t have a destination. You’re just driving to enjoying yourself and soaking up the sun. When we take time away from our busy lives and take time to breathe we may get to experience the most amazing music. Someday that favorite song of yours might contain the following lyrics written by Rachel Koller.”

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Piper & Julia-Anne of Fey Moth


Seattle, WA

“Fey: (ADJ.) Fated to die; Appearing to be under a spell or in unnaturally high spirits; Unreal; Whimsical; Strange; Otherworldly

Moth: Cloth devourer; Seen mostly at night and attracted by light

Fey Moth is the electronic project consisting of Piper (Fey Moth), Eric Severtson, Julia-Anne Endicott Bork.  FLESH FOAM BREAD BONE was released in 2011 and shows off Moth’s lyrical capabilities as a strong-minded female. To just put them in the electronica genre would do them a major injustice; Fey Moth’s lyrics combined with her fragile voice juxtaposing against electronic beats and sounds are nothing short of a work of art. She combines straightforward lyrics and masterfully mixes them with metaphorical and abstract thoughts to create songs that are not only interesting but also engaging”

….(read more)

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Charlie Dane

Pop / Soul / Singer/Songwriter

Oyster Bay, NY

“Every generation reaches a point where they look to the future.  This is when they question whether the youth of their time can carry on as well as those who came before them.  This is no different in the music world.  Will there ever be another band as iconic as The Beatles?  Will any artist ever have the charisma of Frank Sinatra?  Will women musicians ever be as influential as Stevie Nicks?  Some may look at today’s youth and answer no, but these people haven’t heard Charlie Dane.

At 13 years old, Dane is an established musician.  She wrote and recorded her debut album,Dreamland, on her own.  With over 100 shows in 8 months, Dane has begun the legwork that comes with a serious musical career.  Playing in front of a crowd is something she is experienced in.  Of course her dedication and age are only part of the story, her talent will speak for itself.”

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Natalie Cressman & Secret Garden

Jazz/Indie Jazz/World

New York, NY

At only twenty years old, Natalie Cressman is paving a way through jazz & trombone history one carefully-placed note at a time.  Natalie’s musical highlights include performing alongside jazz greats such as Miguel Zenon, Eric Harland, Sheila E., or Carlos Santana and also playing major jazz festivals like the Monterey Jazz Festival, North Sea Festival.  You may have previously caught Natalie in 2010 and 2011 touring across the nation to sold out crowds playing along side Trey Anastasio of Phish’s super jam-group called TAB, but now, you can catch her performing with some of New York’s finest jazz musicians in her project called “Natalie Cressman and Secret Garden.” Natalie currently attends the Manhattan School of Music as a junior and we are proud to have Natalie featured in our 2012 Women of Indie IMR Magazine issue as she is making all of these things happen independently!


Sarah Wilson of ODIST & Jack-of-Hearts


Atlanta, GA

Sarah’s unbelievable talent on the drums, booking, promotion, management, and teaching ability are all reasons why she was chosen for this opportunity. Please take a look at the interview we had with Sarah and listen to her hit the skins. We’re proud to include Sarah Wilson as one of our “Women of Indie.”

Sarah is officially endorsed by:


Pahu International:

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Allison Weiss


Brooklyn, NY

“If Paramore had a love child with Neko Case, you would have Allison Weiss and her music. Upon listening to Allison’s track “I Was an Island,” I instantly hit rewind to fully take in all the influences that Allison evokes, in sharing her songs about relationships and discovery of self. The influence of 50′s rock-a-billy infused in her pop alt-indie sound brought to mind various musicians like Kristy Kruger, Owl City, Neko Case or Haley Williams. Be sure to listen to the hints of electronic & steel guitar…”

Tabitha Russell

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Honorable Mention List

And that concludes our list of 25 of our 2012 list of Women of Indie.  (actually there were a total of 27… we couldn’t decide between a few artists) .  Do your research and be sure to check out these other great artists (in order of date by submission…not by rank or any other glamour factor):

Bern & the Brights

Emily Faith

Yucca Rose


Ten Year Vamp

Naama Kates

Michelle Citrin

Whitney Monge

Helen Austin


Maz Totterdell

Siren Sea

The Design


Short Lived Affair


Katie Ferrara

Karissa LaRen

Kat Quinn


Savannah Philyaw

Jamie Lou


Little Red Lung


Laura LaVelle

Michelle Ferreira

Leah Williams


Ripley Caine

The Open Feel

Noise Floor

Shenandoah and the Night


Meme Love

Nova Heart

Yasen Marie


Katie Ainge

The Beautiful Bodies

Rachael Brady


Polly Mae

War On Women

Jenn Grinels

Victoria Clemmons

Emily Wolfe

Merry Ellen Kirk

Izzy Marie Hill


The Jennies

Megan Burtt & The Cure for Love



What is next for IMR Magazine?

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1.  Our very first music festival:  The 2012 IMR Music Festival

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Get ready for tons of great things to come for this magazine, and thank you to everyone who made all of this happen including our awesome writers and editor who sacrificed sleep time, playing with kids/family, and probably lots of facebook time they wouldn’t have had…lol.  Ah, who am I kidding, we all love facebook, right?  Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Nate Kieser, Publisher

IMR Magazine

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